Friday, November 14

Trips, Tricks..OH MY!!

Soo it has been a month since I posted. Sorry about that. Mostly sorry to myself, I have so much built up in me from not writting my thoughts down it might seem like word vomit.I got the job at the Travel Group. I am a freelancer for them which basically means I am an adult babysitter. I make sure of how many people check in, and then everytime we get on the bus I check to make sure not leaving anyone behind, and people know pick up times and where to meet. THAT IS IT...I am not a tour guide, if they are late. Their that means I get paid to travel, and go on the trip for free. The sub teacher thing is taking longer than I expected it too. I was told when we first got here how long it takes for spouses to get a job. But a girl told me they need somone at the Aafes for loss and prevention. So could do that if I wanted to work retail again. I was also told the school really needs teachers come Dec. I hope so..if not I will go back to the bank I guess. Only because with the Euro dropping the miltary has dropped COLA, OHA and everything. All totaling 700 a month. That has really hurts us. So if money continues to be taken away then I can not justify waiting for the teacher thing, or going to school. I have to be part of my marriage and contribute. But hopefully it all comes togther. If not I have places to go work at. I just do no understand the miltary. They acknowledge that it is pricey here. So as the Euro drops and it would be easier for us to shop on the Economy they take money away? Keeping us just as unable to shop on the econmy as before. When if they kept it the same amount then it would easier. Not to mention what my husband does for the miltary, as a civilian he would make about 40-50 grand more a year. SOOOOOOO?? They are getting off cheaply.

Anyways times have been great besides that, I got to go to London, had an awesome time at a frinds Halloween party, been to Ysper, Belgium aka Flander Feilds for WW I memorial sites, Amerstredam. We have a trip planned to Germany after Thanksgiving, England in Jan, Egypt in October. Phewwww plus tons of little day trips in bettween. Like the Christmas markets in Dec too. Forgot that one. I loooove it. I will get a slideshow on here so y'all can see things we have been too, our house and just good memories. I miss my family and friends sooo much though. Even among all these fun times I think...if only. But you can not have both I guess. I am good friends here though. I have Kara, Bobbie, Amy and Jennifer. They are awesome chicks and make it fun. Belgium is growing on me in general. The cow-land, quiteness bothers me, and the cold rainy weather. But at same time 1- makes you want to read a good book, drink something warm, and snuggle in front of the fire, 2- The quietness is peaceful and you build a routine up. 3- The cows and farmlands can be cute.

So besides that I am doing good, trying to stay on track with loosing weight, being healthly. That is always an uphill battle, we have had some downfalls with that. The fact his grandma died of a stroke. She held on for 3 days then went home to our good lord. Even if she had made it she would have died in about 6 months cause she had Throat Cancer just had not had the results back in yet. The parties we have been to have not helped with eating right, now we have Thanksgiving coming and Christmas as well. SO have to gather all my strength and just allow myself to enjoy the bad foods on those days and not use it as an excuse to eat bad through the whole month. =)

Well I will go for now, I just wanted to throw something out there. I have several serious blogs saved, on politics and relgion just have not finshes them yet. I get all fired up about them and dont want to saying rash.

BTW Jen and Shanna..for some reason I can not add you two on my blog updater, following list. I am sorry for that. So that is why sometimes it takes me forever to comment on your blogs.