Tuesday, May 31


Changes are happening one after another with me and what I choose to eat and what products to buy. It started slowly with moving to Europe and starting a veggie garden with my husband. Since we no longer lived in an apartment and had some space we wanted to do this, well he did and it fit with what I was trying to accomplish. Plus we then got into making a herb garden and  we do rasberries and strawberries too. So that made me really appreicate the fresh fruit, sun kissed and nothing but organic methods to treat it. Now do not get me wrong,I have always been a little enviormentally friendly. But not enough to really change my impact. Such as Recycle off and on, never litter, pick up trash when I see it, ride my bike or walk when I could, but until I started really getting into materials in books, blogs and facebook, following users, authors and documentaries such as :Food Inc, Fast Food Nation, Super Size Me, Fat Head, Goregously Green(book but follow her on facebook) etc etc. It did not really bite me. The bug that is. So slowly got better at things. Then recently another bug bit me. I started really hating the thought of  eating meat, do not get me wrong I do not judge those who don't eat it or those that do crave it or still eat it. BUT most of the time( recently) I can not help but picture the animal and the phrase from " Skinny Bitch " calling it " decaying animal flesh"
yeaaaaahhhh not so yummy picturing that huh?
But I was still not wanting to give up my meat, plus  my soda, my cookies junk food. Which is fine to eat as a
once in awhile. Not as a full blown choice of diet.
I knew I needed to find a balance. Just not a diet. A new lifestyle, something that fits ME.
So too make myself come to terms with cravings and my morals I started getting into the free-range or organic meat( now this has been a year or so now). It did help me to know these cows, pigs and chickens lived decent lives, they ate what they were supposed to, did not sit in their own filth and were not transported in hazard condtions and then killed inhumanely.
You think bad slaughterhouses are the minor?
Read " Slaughterhouse"
You will see that what once was a prized job, workers were well trained and it was done slower and they could do it properly has now been turned into a  dangerous, under paid, under trained, disgusting and dangerous job. With the meat companies slaughtering 1,000 cows an HOUR. How can that be done correctly at that rate? So sadly our "good" slaughterhouses are in the minor. '
I hate that thought.

So back onto my babbling!
For me it helped to do the organic/free range meat/ meatless monday's/ grow my own veggies/ cut down on waste with taking mesh bags for produce, my own jars for meat and cheese, cloth bags for shopping, even at malls and other small changes. 

Last week though, after finishing " Skinny Bitch" I started to think, maybe I should not eat meat at all? That I still had too high of a content of items in my diet that contain high fructose corn sryup. Could I do a vegan diet/lifestyle. I am not sure if I could forever. But I wanted to feel as clean and as great inside my body as the authors said you would.

So here is my latest change, The one I wanted to kinda track on here.

I am, along with my husband and two of our friends, are doing a fruit fast for three days. This is to cleanse our body, get ready for the no animal products of any kind and no HFCS. Clean and Organic for

So I hope if you have tried stuff like this before, are doing it, hate it, love it whatever your thoughts, that you will join me, you will give me advice. But please know if you are just outright rude I won't publish the comment. So join me  tommorow. I'll let you read about Fruit Fast Day One

Thank you for reading my babble entry here. I just have been slowly making changes to my lifestyle, my carbon foot print for the past two years and kind of just threw them all in a jumble. I am not perfect and still am making changes and trying to let go of certain things. Below are some things I am still work ing on doing and hope to one day complete

* No longer use any plastic containers( I have reduce them by more than half, but still have some mixing bowls and such that are the plastic)
* No longer buy bottle water( I cut it by 90%, but still once a month end up buying one when out on the road)
* Carpool to work two weeks out of the month( my husband and I work different times, so trying to get this in more)
* Turn the water off during showers when am not fully standing in it. Examples : lathering hair up, shaving legs.( I do this every once in awhile not enough to fully impact my water consumpation)
* In Europe we have a drier that is a condesationation one, so it collects the water and you dump it out. I want to get better(the whole family has to do it too) to where we save that water in a bucket and water the grass outside with it. It is clean water.( We do it maybe once or twice a month, small change but want to do it everytime)

Do you have anything you are working on? Any other things you think I can do?


Thursday, May 12


I sometimes think.

har. har. har.

That is for all of you that thought

"don't hurt yourself"

anyways I have been thinking that I think too much.


Um. Yes I would agree with that.

But hear me out.

I feel I get lost up in my head. I think too much, make too many plans, too many lists that need to be checked off.

I have so much on my plate, constantly adding more "scoops" onto the overflowing amount of things on it and well. I get stuck up there. Thinking, sorting, trying to make a plan, get it worked out.

So new plan.

Think a little. Live a lot.


Food For Thought and then Talk....

Do you feel you "think" too much?