Wednesday, June 24

Running Behind

I have not been able to post a blog on here lately, I have not even been able to read my blogger roll for the last 3 days. Ahhhhhhhh I miss reading all your lovey words and commenting.

But so much is happening, I am getting custody of my siblings, so busy doing passports, court stuff, getting house ready ie setting up the bedrooms, buying a deep freezer to fill it up since they are 12,10 and 9 and I shall be using way more food than what my husband and I do now. Then getting them put on his orders and in the miltary deers system, then getting them to the east coast, to then get a Space A flight overseas. Now I have not done all of that, so will still be busy, then It is a waiting game for the court to go through. It will be a simpler process due to that my mom said we are not fighting here.

It is supposed to only be a year, but I will do it until she gets her crap together. I am very proud of her for making this choice for the kids, admitting she is failing as a parent had to be tough.=( But I am so glad she did, It will be hard for Ryon and I, big change in our lifestyle but sooooo worth it, I love them all so deeply I am not sure where the love even begins. To be able to postively affect them is going to be one of the best feelings.

Sooo I will be absent for awhile, not sure how long, I will try to catch up on reading the blogs, but i already fell behind this week on my school work too.

I hope you are all doing great, will miss you while I am gone.

Big Internet Hugs

Tuesday, June 16

A picture of a picture

Just wanted to post a picture of a picture I took while in Paris for the day...... well if you can call her a picture=)

As well as 20 things I am thinking today.....

1. I wish the weather would be the way it was yesterday evening all the time here

2. I hope the kids are having fun on their trip

3. I really am un sure how I will handle the no shopping ban in July

4. I can not believe that in 21 days I will be 27

5. I miss days sitting at the Barnes and Noble with my girls

6. I really want to get my nose pierced again

7. I am aching for a live concert to go to

8. I think everyone should follow the blogs I do, cause these ladies are amazing

9.I want to make grilled salmon for dinner

10. I wish my husband could take off everyday with me

11. I wish I could save every stray I find

12. I wish I could win the lottery and pay for all my loved ones to live well

13. I need to get back my mojo for the gym and keep loosing weight

14. With all these plane crashes in Europe these last 12 months, even I am a bit hesitant to fly

15. I want to do a girls trip

16. I am so excited to go camping

17. I am going to be going blondish in less than 2 weeks, I will miss the red

18. On july 4th I will have been with my man for 7 years

19. My random thoughts are quite boring

20. This post is lame but atleast it is a post...=)

Okay so I wanted to post some thoughts and 20 sounded good, then It was like my brain stopped wanting to think towards the end. I wish you fellow bloggers a joyus Tuesday.



Monday, June 15

I agree with Cosmo

The July issue of Cosmo, under the Love and Lust section posted love lyrics that say it all....I loved the ones they choose. I am not posting all 13. Just the ones that I feel apply to my life, things I have been through. I have not written on here lately, so sorry for that. I have been on a shoe craze and paying more attention to my other blog. Which will not be having any new shoes posted for all of July since I am on a shopping ban to save some mula.However I still hope to get a pair since July is my birthday month. I also have found waaaay to many blogs I like to read, you need to check out my blog roll. These people all post things that change your life. That is not an me exaggrating either. Everything from breath taking photos, poems, DIY TIPS, great fashion tips, feel better about your body, shop on a love my fellow bloggers. Hence the 2hrs a day I spend reading them.=)

Okay on with my Lyrics

" I'm a movement by myself, but I am force when we're together"

" You can't just say I love you, You have to LIVE I love you"--my favorite

"Who do you love, me or the thought of me"?

Monday, June 1

Another Give-A-Way

People are loving the give a way theme this Late Spring. Go check out this lovely blog here. She is giving away a lovely bag, and as you know I love shoes and purses....maybe I should be buried with my collection? No?=) So I hope you are having a happy Sunday and make sure you go check it out. If you comment, blog and tweet about it you get extra entries.