Wednesday, June 16

100 Before 100

*Updated 12th, Jan 2017*

This little...err long thing? Is the list of things, wishes, wants, travels, feelings and events that I want to do, see, make, have etc etc..Before I am 100.

Now right now I am only, scroll down and you will see.


I will come back, put what is completed, when it is completed and then will also add the new things I want to add.

So check it out. Let me know what you think. If you like it Check it ever so often if you want.

Also I CHALLENGE YOU to do something similar, if not a 100, consider just doing 50 or 25. But to really think of things you want to achieve someday, is not as easy as you think. I had had many “is it list worthy"? Thoughts and had to narrow it down. Is this something that would enrich my life in some way? To some it might not, but to me these things will. So do something similar and then let me know if you do.

Also, the placement in the list has nothing to do with the placing in my heart. Just random, written down as they came/come to me.



1. Be the best mother I can be
2. Skydive
3. Take a five different dance classes. To learn different styles.
4. Swim with dolphins
5. Learn another language
6. Make homemade Ice Cream
7. Travel to Greece* Completed July 2011- Santorini, Athens and Mykonos
8. Go to the top of the Eifel Tower
9. Bungee jump
10. Save up and buy my OWN new car
11. Get my BA (would be the first in family)
12. Be in two places at once
13. Take a pottery class
14. Go parasailing
15. 4-wheel in Jamaica
16. Witness a miracle
17. Go on a cross Atlantic cruise
18. See the Mona Lisa in person.* completed Jan 17, 2009
19. Visit Yellowstone
20. Go to Niagara Falls
21. See a silent movie, in a theatre
22. Make homemade butter
23. Do an unselfish act (those who know me say I have done this, but it was a little bit for me too, but its close)
24. Take a cooking course/class
25. Go to Stonehenge *completed August 2012
26. Go see a live NFL Denver Broncos game
27. Run a FULL marathon
28. Learn to ice fish
29. Go on the London Eye *completed Oct 2011
30. Visit the Opera House in Sydney, Australia
31. Visit the Pyramids of Giza
32. Really, truly 100% forgive someone( we all have before BUT do you still feel resentment? Think of it? I want to forgive and truly let go...)
33. Ride one of the rides on top of the Stratosphere in Las Vegas * Completed OCT 2006- Two of them
34. Volunteer at a shelter, once a month or more. For a whole year (I did it before but not for a whole year)
35. Read to the elderly, once a month or more.for a whole year
36. Ski in Aspen, CO
37. Swim with stingrays (in Bahamas)

38. Learn to play an instrument (decently)
39. Make a quilt/blanket, from my own hands
40. Watch my children graduate from high school
41. Bench press 100lbs (I made it to 90 once)
42. Visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa *completed August 2010
43. Go to Spain *completed April 2010- Barcelona, Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar
44. Sing karaoke in public, a whole song, by myself
45. See the Cherry Blossom trees in bloom, in Japan
46. Visit the Red Light District in Amsterdam
47. Go to the tallest building in the world (it changes so depending on the year I do it.)
48. Own my own home
49. Walk in the house of Anne Frank *completed Nov 2008
50. Have a 15yr wedding anniversary and re-new vows
51. Visit the White House in D.C
52. See England’s Crown jewels
53. See the Sixtieth Chapel
54. Visit Scotland
55. Visit Dublin, Ireland *completed March 2009
56. Hold one of my great grandchildren
57. Make homemade jam
58. Go on a trip across the whole lower 48 in an RV, in a year.

59. See the Grand Canyon
60. Celebrate New Year's in Time Square, NY
61. Learn a second foreign language
62. Actually finish a scrapbook, from start to finish( have plenty half done)
63. Meet my first born son, DRB.
64. See the volcanoes in Hawaii, from the sky.
65. Take a picture with Marilyn Monroe’s star
66. Go to Disneyland
67. Go on a hike through the Swiss Alps
68. Take an art class
69. Grow a plant from a seed.* Completed August 2011(sunflowers, three kinds)
70. Eat a famous Chicago pizza  *completed April 2015 (Gino's East)
71. Go to a MLB game, preferably Cubs, Red Sox or Yankees (don’t know why)
72. Visit Mount Rushmore
73. Celebrate Mardi Gras, in New Orleans
74. Make a difference in someone's life( know I did because THEY tell me)
75. Take a trapeze class
76. Go to Prague, Czech Republic
77. Visit Budapest, Hungary *completed August 2012
78. Go on a cruise.*Completed July 2011-Mediterean Cruise
79. Read a 100 books in one year(working on it)
80. See a live taping of a TV show (talk show works too)
81. Go to a Broadway show. *Completed Oct 2011, Legally Blonde in London.
82. Learn and create my family tree, at least 10 generations back
83. Save someone, from themselves, someone else...
84. Visit Easter Island
85. Go to Fuji
86. Go to Bora Bora
87. Visit New Zealand
88. Go a Christmas Season and get no presents and buy no presents, Experience what it is meant to be.(this will be very hard) *completed Dec 2016 (it was hard, but keeping up traditions helped ie; homemade hot chocolate, watching a movie every day etc)
89. Get my Masters Degree
90. Own an old classic Car. Preferably 67 Mustang, 78 Nova, 70 series Camerao or Challenger
91. Learn a fighting or self defense style(thinking krav maga)
92.Mail everything on time for a whole year(birthday cards, packages etc..anyone who knows me knows I am HORRIBLE at buying and then it sitting in a box or envolope and not addressed or mailed)



BudgetBabe said...

Love your list! Very inspiring!

~Hurricane B~ said...

Thank you very much!!!