Thursday, June 2

Fruit Fast : Day Two

June 1 2011
 I woke up after a night of tossing and turning. I started coughing and have a sore and an itchy throat.
But I am not giving up and will tredge on. They were not joking, day two is so far worse than the first day.

BREAKFAST: 8:30am :  Ate my orange to mix it up a bit, I prefer smaller clemtines, as I hate having to pick all the inner white skin off the orange. But it is nice and juicy. I drink a glass of water while eating it.
                    * I feel statisfied but I can not help but think of a nice yummy homemade milk gravy with sausage and biscuits breakfast. Which does not help.

~ On my way to work realize I did not take my multi vit.
~ Got busy at work and did not eat lunch till later

LUNCH:1:00pm: Ate another apple slowly, had a Golden Delcious. I had my water with it as well but not a full glass.
                          * Apples are not filling me up for some reason. Still starving. Could be the leftover smells from the teens lunch that is increasing this though.

~ Between lunch and my snack I drink another 24oz from my Camelbak water bottle.
~ Am still feeling like crap, but really think it is also that I have a cold.

~ At 3:00pm right before the teens come back in program, I get a burst of energy. I feel great, no more headache, no more grogginess. Slightly hungry but not fixating on food. Is this how it happens? Or just a moment of "good"?

SNACK: 4:45pm:  I have another apple, a Granny Smith Green apple this time. It taste crisp and crunchy. I eat it while playing with the teens. So takes me a good 10mins to eat it.
      * Feeling good.

~ At around 6pm when time to get off work and head home, start to come off  my " good". Thinking it is because I love my job and got to be around the teens. Starting to feel tired and hungry again. But not as bad as yesterday.

~ I feel like I stink, that my breath is a bit worse than it should be, I am peeing a lot! Go figure from the water. But no bathroom runs all the time like I was told and read that I would have. Am I not as toxic? Do I not need to be cleaned out? Or am I not doing something right? Not sure how that is possible. Eating 4 pieces of fruit a day and drinking enough water to fill a small pool up.=)

DINNER:7:00PM: ate my last piece of fruit for the day. Had an orange. Being honest here had a lick of bbq sauce off my finger too. I have to cook for three kids too. They can not and do not need to be on a fast so still have to feed them normal. Well last night was easy, leftovers they can heat it up themselves( ages 14,12,11) BUT TONIGHT...ahhhhhhhh. Had to cook. Made them lean chicken breasts, baked with a yummy homemade bbq sauce and steamed veggie mix. I can not wait till this fast is over and can do the Vegan diet. I love veggies and KNOW I can do vegan. After doing this fast. I have an whole new respect for those than can go 14-21 days.

* Due to cooking a meal for the kids my orange did not statisfy my body or brain. Techinally felt full. But my body still wanted more cause it smelt it. I actually started almost drooling. Is it normal to smell other food and produce more salvia? Felt like my dogs.=)

Okay....on to day three

Wooouuuzaaaahh. We can do this!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 1


 May 31st
I woke up feeling so strong!
I am going to do this!

Breakfast9am :Ate my Granny Smith Green Apple slowly with a glass of nice cold ice water and a multi-vit/ pre natal actually. Figured they would have a good amount of what I need in them.
   * I actually felt full, eating it slow does help!

~Okay now feeling really really hungry and I work at a teen center. So covering the lunch hour means I am having to smell all of the kids lunches. Drank 24oz of water to try to fill my tummy up. Only worked for a bit.
" drooling"


Lunch:  1pm :Ate my Red Delcious Apple slowly and drank another glass of water.
   * Not satisfied at all. I have a headache and a sore throat, with hunger pains. This is a good thing right? Means I was toxic, addticted to the chemicals they put in food? Getting it out already?

~330pmThe teens are back in the bulding and school is out...this means...snack time. Oh lord, I want to rip an egg roll out of a kids hand and eat it. Not good.

~My headache is pounding now, nose won't quit running and my eyes are watery and itchy( could be allergies too).

Snack: 5pm :Ate my other apple, it was a Golden Delcious. Ate it fast cause I was hungry. Should have eaten it slowly. Not full at all. Drank another 24oz of water( my camelbak)

* Man, already sick of apples.

Dinner: 730pm: Ate my big fat orange and it was GOOOOOD!  It was a great break from the apples. I ate it slowly and drank a glass of water.

* I feel full again. Still weak, headache and want to eat other stuff but I know that is the process.


~I am going to take a hot bath full of espon salt. My body is so sore, headahce is dull now, tummy is rumbling. I just keep thinking of food. I want to cook homemade chicken and dumplings, fried chicken, homemade mac and cheese, even bread or cheese. Just something else. BUT this also makes me want to keep it up. Laid in bed and my husband and I tried to not talk of food and have managed to not snip at each other but once today. But both def feel the crankness they talk about.

Can I do another day of this??

Here is just a couple links you can check out to read about Fruit Fasting yourself.

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* I am NOT in anyway saying to follow what the websites say or that you won't feel bad, just giving a few links to what I read on the path to making this choice to try a fruit fast. I searched and read for a week. Make sure if you have any health problems already you consult your doctor,