Tuesday, May 8

Support this Kickstarter

Okay two posts in one day.
But I had to try to get this out there anyway I could.


If you click that you will be getting the chance to support an awesome, hard working, self-publishing author of e-books and single mom, Nicole Hamlett.

She writes the Grace Murphy Novels you can find on amazon and other sites.

Huntress and Rifts

She has a couple new book series she wants to start and as that she is already writing another one and is self-employeed she needs FUNDS to do so.

So click here and get access to some great books and help a fellow woman, mom, author, book lover and American in one swoop.

Thanks guys


Julep Maven- Join Now for ONE PENNY

Hey lovely readers! I won't bother giving excuses about lack of posts.

I have plenty in draft form that I am adding to as I can. Life is life and sometimes  you just can not excuse yourself from other things to sit down and write on your own blog. I am just happy I can find time to fit in my reading of my favorite blogs. I have several posts on my nails. That is what this one is all about but I wanted to post this wonderful thing to you. I found out about Julep Maven from Carla a blog I follow. She is a lovely gal that is a fellow military spouse, loves shoes, nail polish and clothes as much or more than me.

Around January she posted about her recent find of a Seattle based company and their monthly polish club. Julep is a salon in Seattle that makes fantastic colors, products AND sells them online!


You can click on their name Julep here to get more information about them

Now onto what Julep Maven is and WHY I am finally posting to only post about them

Well not only are they American, owned,operated and even make their products in the United States but they make them without a lot of the additives that other nail polishes have. I call that a WIN WIN, wouldn't you??

Now their monthly club is only 19.95, you take a survey about what style  you are. I am usually Classic with a Twist, but just this past month I switched to American Beauty because I preferred what that box was. Each box comes with either two polishes and an product, just polish, great products etc. But it changes each month and you can request to change to another box for a month and then the following go back to your style(based on that survey) automatically.

Great huh?

So why bother you with this?


What it this day in age costs just one penny anymore? Not only that for every two people that join by clicking on THIS LINK will give me a month for free. So it helps us both out.

Enter code: SHAREONMAY

Go ahead and check them out, even if you don't do the monthly club(which I think you should), their polish is something you HAVE to just try.

See you soon

(back to finals...grumbles...)