Thursday, April 30

Simple Words

I got a little raw and deep yesterday. I apologize to my fellow bloggers for that DUMP of emotional baggage. I feel much better today though, the sun is shinning, I have a few good talks to clear my head. I am trying to just move foward, be simple do simple things, get my many list accomplished, to not be upset at myself when I do not accomplish everything on my many lists. =) I found a quote, and it fits me today. I want to keep it for the rest of the week.


That is my goal. Breathe in and breathe out.

I also need to get this psych homework done. Plus my 50 things to do by 50!! I have read the bucket lists, the 100 things to do before you die, 30 before 30. Which I pondered on doing. However with that only 3yrs away I do not want to feel rushed. I am going to take my time in doing my own list. 50 before 50. I challenge you ALL who read this to do that. Let us know that there is always time to achieve stuff. Besides I notice when you think about what you want to do, you remember what you have done and that just makes you realize how much you have lived, loved, enjoyed.

Hugs and Blessings to You ALL


Monday, April 27


~Though hope is frail~

~It's hard to kill~

I always have hope for you.

that you will do what it takes.

be the way you should be

to earn that title

what title?


I know you are more than a mom.

i try to look at your choices from a woman's point

just even a human


How many times can you go down this path?

How many of your children do you need to tell you with their tears it is hurting them?

how many people need to try to tell you how to fix it before you learn it is broken?

you would think with as many times as you have stood at this point you would know how to prevent it, how to fix it, how to see it coming,



you are killing their childhood, their faith in you, their innocence.

Did my stories of my point of view of the past do nothing?

I just know, we know

you can be so much more, I ALWAYS HOPE that you will see your potential through my eyes

that of a successful woman

an adult

a mother

a sister

your eldest daughter

even though you have let me down, the kids down, I still have that one thing

that thing you can not kill with the insanity of the same actions every year

every decade

every generation you are putting through the current issues you're facing

what is it?


Thursday, April 16


So I follow this blog by this wonderful lady named Joy, if you want to check out her site go here. I am just one of hundreds of followers that she has. Well seeing how easy she makes it look I figured hey I am going to start doing stuff like that. Sooo I went to the thrift store called Grandma's Attic and found some great things. Add a lil tape, some spray paint. VOILA!!

So what do you think for the first ever spray painting-fixing up project I did?

HAHAHA that was just during the process, here are the before and afters~
First lesson, TAPING IS KEY, I did get some spray on the glass but I can get them off. I sprayed the other one white and did not like it so that is why there is only two here. I am now going to spray them crimson or cherry red. I paid 10 bucks for all 3 of them. I saw the little ones at IKEA a couple of weeks ago for 7 EUROS a piece. Add the black spray paint I got them about 75% cheaper. THAT is something to smile about.

So if you check this post out Joy, thank you for inspiring me. For others I recomend you start looking at things that are a lil rusty, broken and ugly in a new light. I also have done a ladder bookshelf I was going to donate, some picture frames to go with my new "theme" in my dining room. They look fabolous and I feel like I have a new piece of furniture. I am on a roll and am not stopping anytime soon.

Tuesday, April 14

Sixth Photo Tag

So I was needing something to post today since I have been neglectful. I have been up to the top of my curly head in reading/homework for school. Now I am very aware of why I put it off to get it finished and get that degree. Maybe I should have stuck with banking??=)

So I happened to be reading a friends blog, Brie, and she tagged me. Well she tagged anyone who reads. You have to go to your sixth photo folder, and pick the sixth photo and then tag six people. Tooo many 6's for my comfort. As long as they are not near each other I will be okay.=)

So my picture is of my 21yr old goregous sister Alexandra. As you can tell she is into the partying.However she is a good girl and this is Halloween. I stole this pic off her myspace and then did some editing. =)

So the 6 people I tag are--Lisa, Georgia,Jen-Jen,and um...that is it cause I am lame. Anyone else who wants too. Write me back and let me know if you did it.