Monday, July 13

View through my Lens

I just wanted to post some pictures that I have been taking. I truly love photos, I love to look at things and try to get an angle that will give me an awesome picture, or edit it to where it looks nothing like the orginal, yet still awesome. There has been a HUGE lack of photos in my blog, I mean there has also been a lack of me writting really meaningful things, besides a "I am doing good" or " I am doing bad". People seem to leave comments every now and then, but I am not intrested why would others be. I know blogs are for the person and I feel this blog is for me, yet at same time I really need to be aware of putting myself out there in a manner that can be pleasing or entertaining to readers. Well that is what I want anyways, not that I have too. However I will still always be me.

So usually on a weekly basis I draw inspiration from these photographers I follow, It started with Luminous Lisa, then my first stranger added who was Goregous Georgia, which then led me to the path of the Creative Claire(not there names just adding adjectives to their names to be fun), and then as well onto Jazzy Jamie. There are more I follow but THESE 4 just really.....make me look at their pictures, and try to asorb their amazing talent.

<---- This two handsome devils are my boys. Jax is the Amercian Staff. Terrier and Friday is the Chocolate Lab, they love to cuddle up together soooo sweet. I did not do anything to this, except make it to where people did not have to see Jax's "privates" all spread out.

This is part of a brick wall, inside this tunnel. If you click on it to enlarge it, well it does not look that cool, I used a blur tool to play up the hole more, however it only looks cool for a distance.=)

This is also from a trip to Namur, this was a tree stump that caught my eye, I just played around with different angles, got a bunch of it. I made it black and white and added a green tint to the one weed that is growing through the tree stump. It shows that when you really want to be somewhere nothing can stop you-------->

<--------This photo was taken at Auline Abbey, in Belgium. It is a pretty and peacful place. It was built around the 700's.

This is going through the town of Cheivres, Belgium on my way home from work. I love the mix of the purple and green trees along the road. Plus most parts of the drive are a max of 50km an hr. Soo you go nice and slow...which I enjoy most of the time.=)

Isn't this boot cute? It is a TRASH CAN in Trier, Germany. It was at a christmas market we went to in Nov of last year, I was just playing around with some photos to edit, came acorss this one and thought you might enjoy. I love all the cute, extra touchs. ---------->

<---- That backview is of my lovely friend Bobbi, back in April we went to a town called Namur. Very quaint, with a HUGE citedelle in it. Citedelle is a fortess, this survied going through a siege with Napolean supposedly. I really played with this photo. So it is not as a peaceful pic as it was before, but I like it.

So I hope you had a FANTASTICAL weekend, that you have a great Monday. This monday over here is almost over, it was a good one though. I got my clearance stuff done for my job with the Goverment, at the Child Delevopment Center. Which is perfect goes with the whole Education/Pyschology degree I am doing. Plus it gives me secuirty, allows us to Carpool and when my siblings get here more money.

BIG internet HUGS


I hope everyone is having a wonderful July so far, ours has been and will continue to be busy. We had/have 4th of July, my birthday, London, BBQ's, Bunco, Movies, London trip, Cruise in Antwerp, Birthday party for a friend here, camping, plus numerous friends birthdays.....I love every min of it though

Monday, July 6

The Pressure on Women

Things are going smoothly over here, just a quick blog post about a blog I read via Already Pretty's blog.

It is about BMI's and the ridiculous labels they put on us women

I was in shock at some of the photos, overweight and normal seem to be to varied, women that look great and curvy are obese?? WTF??

I wish women could all just feel what they are, pretty and one of a kind. Why compare to others. So check out Sally's blog aka Already Pretty and the BMI project at Kate's. Sally writes amazing, uplifting pieces, I think all female bloggers should have her on their reading list.