Wednesday, June 16

100 in 365 Challenge # 1

I have copied a dear friend of mine in her goal of reading 100 books in 12 months. I know I read a lot, but what type of books do I mostly turn too? How many books do I read in a month? Are there certain months that I read more in?

I would love to learn these things.

So I will be adding to this entry throughout the year. I will have a link in the sidebar.

Wish Me Luck!

I tried I really did, if I could count textbooks or magazines I could get a good twenty more into my total.
I failed.
I missed my goal by a few
okay more than
a few.
But it was fun.
This quest and love for reading has made me step out of my typical norm
has me even in a book club.(met some wicked neat ladies from it)

 So I will try again. Going from August 2011-August 2012
Check out the second attempt and it's book list over here.
Otherwise check out the list below for some good reads!

May 2010

1. Laura K. Hamilton,  Danse Macabre, # 14 in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series.
2. Maureen Child, The Last Lone Wolf, book in the " Kings of California" series.

June 2010

1. Nora Roberts, Savor the Moment, Book three in the " Bride Quartet" series.
2. Laura K. Hamilton, Blue Moon, Book eight in the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series.

July 2010

1. Anne Rice, Angel Time, Book One

August 2010

1. Johanna Lindsey,  That Perfect Someone, Malory family series
2. Lisa Jackson, Without Mercy
3.Kirsten Miller, The Eternal Ones
4. Tess Gerristen, Ice Cold,  Rizzilo and Isles novel
5. Julia James, His Penniless Beauty
6. J.R Ward, Dark Lover, Black Dagger Brotherhood Book One
7. Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises


1. J.R Ward,"Lover Eternal", Black Dagger Brotherhood,
2 Charlene Harris. Dead to the World, Sookie Stackhouse series, Book Four     
3.Charlene Harris, Dead as a Doornail, Sookie Stackhouse series, Book Five
4,Charlene Harris, From Dead to Worse, Sookie Stackhouse series, Book Eight
5. Charlene Harris, Dead and Gone, Sookie Stackhouse series, Book Nine
6. Charlene Harris, Dead in the Family, Sookie Stackhouse series,Book Ten


1. Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief, Book One
2. Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson and the Titans Curse, Book Two

( Oct was a low month for me was taking three classes so most of my reading was a textbook. But I read these books with my little sister and they are cute and fun. It was a decent read and a great bonding tool)


1. Christine Feehan, Dark Slayer, Carpthain Novel, Book Twenty
2.Christine Feehan, Dark Fire, Carpthain Novel, Book Six
3.Christine Feehan, Dark Guardian, Carpthain Novel, Book Nine
4. Laura K. Hamilton, Guilty Pleasures,Anita Blake Vampire Hunter, Book One
5.Laura K. Hamilton, The Laughing Corpse, Anita Blake Vampire Hunter, Book Two


1. Tucker Max, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell
2. Debbie Macomber, Christmas in Cedar Cove
3.Barb and C.J Hendee  ,Through Stone and Sea, Book Eight in the Noble Dead Series
4. Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Labrythin, Book Three
5. Rick Riordan, Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian, Book Four


1. Nora Roberts, Vision in White, Book One in Bride Quartet,
2. Nora Roberts, Happy Ever After, Book Four in Bride Quartet,
3. Nora Roberts, Bed of Roses, Book Two in Bride Quartet,
4. Nicholas Sparks, Safe Haven


1.Kathryn Stockett, The Help(Book Club)
2. Jennifer Weiner, Fly Away Home
3. MaryJanice Davidson,Undead and Unwed, Bestsy Taylor Series, Book One
4.MaryJanice Davidson, Undead and Unemployed, Bestsy Taylor Series, Book Two
5.MaryJanice Davidson, Undead and Underappriecated, Bestsy Taylor Series, Book Three
6.MaryJanice Davidson, Undead and Unpopular, Bestsy Taylor Series, Book Four
7. MaryJanice Davidson,Undead and Unfinished, Bestsy Taylor Series, Book Nine

March 2011

1. Sara Gruen,Water for Elephants(Book Club)
2.Jane Feather, To Wed a Wicked Prince
3.Laura K Hamilton, Circus of the Damned,Anita Blake Vampire Hunter, Book Three
4.Laura K. Hamilton,The Lunatic Cafe, Anita Blake Vampire Hunter, Book Four

April 2011

1. Eric Schlosser, Fast Food Nation:The Darkside to the All American Meal(Book Club)
2. Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin, Skinny Bitch
3.  Gail A. Eisnitz,Slaughter House: The shocking Story of greed, neglect and inhumane treatment inside the U.S Meat Industry
4.Laura K Hamilton, Bloody Bones,Anita Blake Vampire Hunter, Book Five
5.Laura K Hamilton,The Killing Dance, Anita Blake Vampire Hunter, Book Six

May 2011

1. Tatiana de Rosnay, Sarah's Key(Book Club)- started end of May/Finished in June
2.Laura  K, Hamilton, Anita Blake Vampire Hunter, Book Seven
3.Jeaniene Frost, Halfway to the Grave, Night Huntress Series, Book One.
4.Jeaniene Frost, One Foot in the Grave,Night Huntress Series, Book Two



Lisa said...

Good luck! That is a stunning goal, maybe I will start? I have a "25 in 25" goal right now but that seems pretty small compared to yours! And anyway, I just finished 2 in about 2 weeks, I am opting for more reading time instead of more internet time lol. ANYWAYS, here are a couple suggestions for you, don't know if you've already read them but, here goes:

The Carrie Diaries (easy & fun read!)
Eat Pray Love (Reading it right now...I don't care what the reviews say, I am loving it!)
Her Fearful Symmetry (by the author of The Time Traveler's wife, also a delightful one if you've never read it...)
And next up for me is The Happiness Project, after I finish Eat Pray Love.

I need more book ideas, too!!