Thursday, March 26

How do you start over?

Hello Blogspot...

How do you breathe life into something you used to love so much? Do you tear it down and re start? Or be a trooper through it and let it be shown you lost your creativity? Your desire to share was there but draft after draft left you feeling empty so you let life carry you away and forgot a form of release for you. A community you had started to build up. People you checked on weekly if not daily to see what they chose to share with you and others out there.

I am going with the second option. I am hoping to be back. I am back some where I used to be, like in the USA. Crazy huh? Part of my time away was losing myself, finding myself.. am I anyone without being a couple? Am I couple? Are we happy? That all got shoved away with several deaths, a big one being my husband's father not even a month after being told he was being medically retired from the United States Air Force. After fifteen years.. among all of the other stresses we were faced with civilian life five years before we planned and the loss of a retirement he had been working towards. My life as an active spouse was done, putting my career on hold every few years? Was no more. Where to go, what to do?? Well with several degrees and decades of experience between us we would be okay right? Well here we are among that path. It is month eight of being back in the US and in the state of Texas.

So much to share, write, pics to post, people to catch up. To see if between all got going on if I am able to fall back in love with this place. If I can? I hope I can.