Friday, May 28

6am..You're ugly..but not today!

Normally I do not like you, I have broken up with my alarm clock for waking me up to you.
I have wanted to break up with you too....
But not today...
A good tune or two from Nekko Case, a yummy smelling and tasting cup of half French Vanilla and Chocolate Truffle coffee and the 3 kiddos not being grumpy and all smiling really made me like you a bit more.
What really did it?
That amazing sun, the light wind blowing my windcharms, the birds chirping and seeing the clear blue sky after two days of craptastic clouds.
So okay 6am, we can re-think our relationship...but if you get all moody and take away my sunshine...well then you will join the alarm clock in the " has-been's" of my life.
* I wish that could really be done..anything you don't like in life you can break up with it.=)
Happy Friday to y'all. Enjoy your 3 or 4 day weekend, I get just a normal weekend. My hubby and I work on Shape, which being an international base....means we do not get most American hoilday's off unless we want to put in for a day off. We do get Belgian holiday's off though. I just will miss, once again, the lively American pride and the bbqs of this Memorial Day. I thank you my own dear sweet soilder and all those that I know. Their sacrfices, the old ones, the current ones and the ones that will join in the future. We can hate the war, but should ALWAYS love the American Warrior.
I just wish we all, even myself, could take the time to be more thankful that just in May and Sept.

Friday, May 14

#$@^! YOU Fairy

That's right I am mad at a fairy..

Which one?

The one none of us like, the sickness fairy, that little hefer came and beat me with her wand of germs.

Your parents never read you that bedtime story? She is not a very well liked fairy.

I would feel bad for her, if she did not make me sick.

All this week I have been sick...

Monday and Tuesday- Swollen throat and painful to talk-which for normal people sucks, for someone with the motor skills I have?? Devastating!!

Weds- I think I can talk, so I do. It just makes me sound like Rejected wanna-be Tara Reid.

Thurs- Start coughing up nasty yet sexy stuff. Oh joy!

Friday- Same

* I miss the kids at my work, I want to talk normal, I have lots of reading on blogs to catch up on and posting some Spain pics, some recent shoe pics etc. I am so lacking.

So I will try next week.


Have a good weekend you healthly brats!