Monday, July 6

The Pressure on Women

Things are going smoothly over here, just a quick blog post about a blog I read via Already Pretty's blog.

It is about BMI's and the ridiculous labels they put on us women

I was in shock at some of the photos, overweight and normal seem to be to varied, women that look great and curvy are obese?? WTF??

I wish women could all just feel what they are, pretty and one of a kind. Why compare to others. So check out Sally's blog aka Already Pretty and the BMI project at Kate's. Sally writes amazing, uplifting pieces, I think all female bloggers should have her on their reading list.


georgia b. said...

wow, this goes along exactly with what i wrote on my photo blog today.

i will definitely go check out this Sally's blog. thanks for the link!

keep being you! it's what made me drawn to you and your blog.

Sal said...

Thanks for the shout-out, lady!