Friday, July 29

Cruise July 2011

So I never posted on here that I was going on a 12 day cruise to Greece, Croatia, Turkiye and Montenegro.
Well not a big shocker I guess there since I have rarely posted on here this year at all. I have gotten out of the habait so badly. I envy these bloggers that have an entry everyday. I think I need to write several entries at once and then post them to go out on a daily schedule.
Anyway I digress.
So we went on this cruise.
It was ahhhh-mazing.
It has been awhile since I posted photos.
So here are some of my favorite photos.
I can not place them all. That would take too much space up and too many entries.

A Panoramic shot of Kotor, Montenegro.

My dear hubby and I. This is after climbing up only halfway to the old fortress. Halyway was still over 500 steps up the mountainside.

Athens, Greece. The Paratheon

It is almost impossible to get a photo with out people in it. Way too busy

This was our third stop, Kusadisi, Turkiye. The Ancient city of Ephesus

The library in Ephesus

This visit had the most emotional ties for us. Seeing an anicent city mentioned in the bible, standing where Paul preached, going to Johns tomb and the most visiting Virgin Mary's house that she spent her last years.

This is on the upper wall of St. Peters castle in Bodrum, Turkiye(Turkey..our tour guide said they dont spell it or say it like we do)

View of the harbor and some of the city from St. Peter's Castle

This was us coming upon the castle, you can reach it by boat from the harbor where our cruise ship was

Our favorite place. Santorini, Greece

The buidlings, people, shops, all just popped out at you. We could have stayed there for a week or more. A day was not enough

The beautiful sea and houses on the cliff side

It really is like in the movies. These photos don't do it justice.

Some of these houses are personal homes others are bed and breakfasts places. You want to stay huh?

My dear hubby and I. Again. I will try to keep these shots to a limit as well.

So many of the churches had the blue domed roofs, but they still had their own personal style from the others.

Clock tower in the Village of Oia, our favorite village on the island of Santorini

Okay that was only five stops. We still have pictures of the actual cruise ship and activites on there, I could overload you on many more pictures from the stops above. But I will try to post again down the road the rest of places and get back to regular posting.

have a great weekend.