Monday, December 22

Where have the years gone?

So I am sitting here waiting for my hair to get semi-dry before I try to lay down and figured I would write a blog. Now the problem is what do I write about? I can tell you how awesome this week has been for me, the lovely weekend I had..but then I figured. "DING" something far more boring and longer would be to give you quick look back on the last 8yrs since high school. This is for me to just pass the time, those who were with me to say "Ah yes I remember that" and for those who were not to learn some new things... So to rein in my usual blabber blab. I will limit myself to 5 things for each year since 2000; Sorry If I bore you but you are warned stop reading now. Plus If I go to bed with wet hair, well anyone with curly hair or who has seen me do this before knows...I just should not. BTW I dyed my hair an awesome shade of INTENSE AUBURN...the box said Intense not I. I have missed my red. I had it "espresso"brown. It was not working for me, I am not meant to be just brown. Well anyways on with this re-cap. Especially since 2009 is fast approaching.

* High School is OVER.. The end of being under others thumbs, or so you think. Of getting that big "Yippeee you graduated and on to the big world". Which you want but in no way are ready for.
* I made the choice to get away from the life in Utah, as those who know me agree that I had too. I did not want to leave but I just could not stay around that and the pain. * Moved to Alaska, got a job at Wal-Mart, made goals, re-aquainted with old friends, started to date and generally just finally be able to act my age..not my mothers. * Got to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with my "Annie" great- g/ma which would be my last. * Felt truly hopefully for the first time going into 2001


* Went from Just being friend with Dustin to dating and falling in love. I felt truly blessed.

* Made tons of great memories with my late night drives to Anchorage for Village Inn and the Porn store..all sober too.
* Got my dad back and my step-mom. They were clean and making changes...I had missed that part of my life deeply
* Got to go to Washington with Lindsey and traveling around it. First big "adult" trip.
* One night in August..had my life ripped, chopped and totally changed forever by someone's violent actions.
* Lost my great grandma 2 weeks later....went into a deep depression and had to hide it from my loved ones, had to deal with the trial, the surgries, the scars......
Sidenote: I could write my a book on those times, one day I might. But I will just say that 2001 was truly ying and yang. First half was great, last half I try to not think about.


* Was trying to move on and be some what of a "normal" 19yr old whatever that was
* Had 3 surgries that year alone, and too many hours of physical thearpy to count
* Made the choice to live my life, even if it was in denial. I had to do what made me want to get up in the morning and breathe. That was going shopping, kissing boys, dating, partying, being with my friends and family. NOT TALKING ABOUT IT.
* Met Ryon...was not ready but became friends, then at the 11 month mark of Dustins death and my attack choose to take the leap that was the best one.
* Got up after falling hard, ended the year with a lil bit of hope, the determination to deal with everything and everyone and be my own person again.


* GOT MARRIED...ahhh never thought that would happen so early. But with orders to Iraq, and be having dragged my feet with several guys and potentially missing out on good stuff. I refused to do that with Ry * Lost a few friends, well not really but I thought they were. Shows me what I knew

* Worked and played all year long. Was finally being just normal...well should say normalish
* I TURNED 21....ahhhhhhhhh
*Had one of the best summers of my life even still today.

*It ended with us getting orders to San Antonio, Texas. I was not wanting to go but at the same time was excited to go move to the south and get to know my in-laws


* Living it up in warm San Antonio, Texas. I had my first Christmas with NO SNOW. That was a trip
* Started getting used to being on my own, no friends no comfort zone. What a city to do that in. It truly made me more independent.
* I started to meet some awesome people that are still in my life...Bridget and Brittney.
*Started getting hooked on the awesome concert scene, amusement parks and just overall fun feeling of the place.
* I lost my grandpa and my grandpa has major open heart surgrey a couple of months later. I am humbled by that year. For other reasons I wont post.


* I choose to changed my job try something new with Banking at Chase
* I got to really understand the meaning of forgivness and heartbreak.
* We started to rent a nice house, got used to the extra space and yard really quickly
*Had the first HUUUGE party at the house, a kickass Halloween party that was slightly dulled by the fact I had to go to Emergency Room cause I had Pneaumonia
* Became close with Monica and went into the new Year loving my life

* A year that was pretty much spent alone since Ryon was gone 8 months. I truly learned the value of friendship and still look back at those time with a smile because of my amazing friends
*Got to go to Vegas for the first time and see my beloved JJ..would not be the last time that year. Woooooowhooooooooo Vegas.
* Two of my favorite friends Jen and Steve got married and Ryon and I were asked to be part of it. It was great
* Took a 3 week vacation to New Mexico, Vegas and Back home, Then on to East Texas. It was a fantastic time period in my life.
*I got to go home to Alaska for 2 months to be with my family while Ryon was in England. It was a wonderful couple of months.


*Just one more awesome year with my San Antonio Peeps. Filled with Fun, Some drunkness, stregths, great music and live shows and fatty food.
*Got my amazing job at Community Loans as a Branch Mngr which introduced me to some of the best co workers I have ever had.
* A BIT of a time period that I just worked, partied and ate bad food that was bad for the state of my aparment and myself.
* Had Ryon come home that October and snap be back to a routine besides work and play. Helped me refocus on responsibilties at home.
*Moved into an apartment I never wanted to leave, rang in the new year with some fun people and looked forward to reaching debt free in 2008


* Got orders to threw a wrench in all the plans made for that year. Except it caused a new one my BFF, buttercup. crazy girl came to vist me in Feb. Now that was a fun filled 4 days. From tattoos, to sober but acting drunk at the Walgreens. hehehehe
* Started to get ready to leave, it made me cherish those last couple of months in San Antonio and got me super exictied for living it up In Europe.
* Got to Belgium end of May..found a job right away at a Bank, got settled into a routine with some cool people and our house.
* Made a risky choice to quit my good paying job to get healthly, and start school and be able to travel.
* Had a blissful Christmas Season and the most relaxing New Years Ever...going into 2009 with open eyes, mind and heart.

Okay so that turned out to be more diffcult to just do 5 things that happened each year. Plus I will admit a bit long winded and boring. I should have just done a couple of sentences but at this point in the writting of it all I will be damned if I erase what caused an hour wasted. =)


BitterSweet said...

I love forgot the week in the year where I came and we had the bestest time ok maybe not...but is sure was the highlight of my year!