Saturday, January 3

FRIEND or FOE?????

Happy New Year Y' shoot me that it is the 3rd day of the year already. But I figure so many people told you Happy New Year on the actual day that this is okay to tell you late. Well it is a great start to my 2009. I am living in Belgium, starting school, loosing weight, getting along with all my family and friends, no DRAMA...can I repeat NONE in my life. SAY WHAT? It is soo refreshing to be able to say that. Now I have friends that have drama so that does cause some for me because I am one of those friends that when I love someone I feel what they are...but still I can handle others problems not my own. =) But no drama is actually "in" my life. Knock on wood. Anyways so 2009 feels like a great year. Do you feel it? We have THE FIRST BLACK cool is that? Our economy is doing kinda bad but hey it can only go up. Plus I think this will help people but what is really important back in focus, cut down on things they do not need, enjoy what they have and work harder for what they don't/ Enough of the super serious stuff though. This is a fun blog.

I was sitting there talking with my wonderful sexy know this guy?
Anyways we did not go to Paris, France for the New Year. Alas I know you all are sad for us. =) So we stayed home. We started to talk about our ready....NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS! Shocker....I am wondering when the trend to make them started? I was telling Ryon..."Are we setting ourselves up for failure by making these?" "Shouldn't we just call them what they are? GOALS. Just plain ole goals, and to possibly not fail them like YOU KNOW YOU DO every year. Go ahead and just break them down into monthly goals? Ryon says that people like to do that cause you are "starting the year off hopeful, for change, for you doing things you did not". He says so what if people fail them by March. At least they tried.

SO I agree yet disagree, I too made some resolutions which are going great 3 days in. lol. But at same time I want to make myself make other monthly goals. I want to be able to say I finished them. Would I be the first person to achieve their resolutions?? Who knows. Soooo that was all I wanted to post this blog about that I think they are more of a problem, Ryon says they help people out. What do you my dear readers? Which is one or two of you I guess since I AM LAME. =) What do you think? Tell me your thoughts and share your resolutions.

Here are mine

1. Take one picture a day, so that I have 365 random pictures at the end of the year.
2. Mail things out on time, every birthday and Holiday. (because I have this hate for the Post Office it never happens, my grandparents where Postal Clerks till they retired...I should go ahead and get over my stupid feelings)
3. Typical girl one------loose weight, stay healthily.
4. Quit procrastinating. Go ahead and do it right then like I used to. Before moving here 7 months ago and becoming quit comfy with the slowness and turned that into LAZY.
5. Actually do my volunteer work.

Okay those are it......

I will keep working on the blogs I have saved as drafts and start to post more. I know I need too. So I will see you all late rs.



Georgia B. said...

good list!

i wish you luck.

happy new year.

BitterSweet said...

I wish you luck also!

Lisa said...

oh my gosh, i just saw all of these blogs! i am sorry i am so slow to comment them, but i will. i am excited to read them all! and i love your resolutions. i still have a long list of new year "goals" as i am also calling them, haha. and i'll be posting it soon, i know, so late, but i just want to make sure i list everything. anyways. i want to do the one photo a day thing too, but i didn't think of it until about a week into the new year, so i missed a few days. oh well. :)

ok i'll look at your other blogs soon! :)

~B~ said...

Thank you for all the well wishes. YOu could totally still do it. Just make your year start when you want. I have done it so far taken a picture every day. It makes it hard sometimes. Well just today..I had nothing I wanted to photograph I had to choose something. =)