Tuesday, March 3

And then there was light......

Because of the wide range of different lamp posts I have seen in the few places I have visted over here in Europe I choose to make a whole album of only them. I wanted to post some pictures on here but could not think of any that really got my heart in them. So I thought why not share a taste of my 4yr project?? So here are a few of my fav's so far in my European Light Journey..

This is one across the street from the Petite' Palace in Paris, France. We were walking to the Louve from the Eifel Tower. NEVER AGAIN. Tooo long in the shoes I wore. Of course I edited it just to mix it up a bit. Would that not be cool if you could make a camera do that? I do not think you can, correct me if you I am wrong.This one is from Amsterdamn, Netherlands. I took it while waiting in line for the Anne Frank house. I was going to make it black and white and just bring out the red. But I felt I should love the brass color and leave it be.

This is the 2nd way I edited the Amsterdamn Lamp. I mirrored the image, eroded the edges , made it sepia tones and added a lil of the red back to it. Which one do you think out of the two edited versions should go in my album??

This is another one from Paris, France. That same trip except this one was taken as we were walking across the main bridge in the dowtown area. I loved all the statues, the larger than life lamp posts(like this one)..even the gold was something I loved.

Any tips? Or any favs?

So I hope you all have had a good week so far. Mine has been Uber busy. I signed up for the biggest looser competition here on base. That way I have accountabilty. It has been an off and on diet, lifestyle change, work out yo-yo struggle for the last two years. I did not grow up big or in a big family. I was not big till I was 23. So this is B.S. I gotta take care of myself. THis current go around time has been around 2 months old. I do not want to talk myself out of it, I do not want to get lazy. This week I stepped it up about 20 notchs or so. =) 1- keeping an eating journal, 2-watching my calories and 3-working out everyday, 4-the competition just to help me stay focused. So wish me luck. As well we have 11 days till Dublin. AHAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! If you could not tell I am horrible excited about it.

Happy Blogging y'all!

Au Revior



Georgia B. said...

i love these.

i have been to Amsterdam, but not Paris—not yet, anyway.

this is a fun post. it was fun to learn of your love of lampposts and see the places you've been. it was fun to see your photo manipulations.

great post!

Georgia B. said...

hello lovely lady.

i am doing a post that will be dedicated to you and my twin sister tomorrow.

make sure you go see it.