Thursday, March 5

What do you think?

Hey everyone, I decided to do another blog, one of my passion for shoes and possibly accessories. I started it last week but was not sure If I wanted to actually do it. But I am going to it will probally slack of on post in two weeks when I start school 4 days a week. But till then I will have fun with it. So for now I have a bit of a shoe crisis. So come on over to SHOE ADDICT AND PROUD OF EM"

Help me choose. Not going to post anything else this week or weekend. So y'all have a great weekend!!!

ps. I got the idea of a seperate blog for clothes,shoe whatever from Lisa. She talked about wanting to do a thrift store blog. I then was like hey I would love to shoe case my latest finds on shoes. Why not? So thanks Lisa.


Lisa said...

hehehe i can't wait to go check it out! i've started my fashion blog but haven't made it public yet...i am just working on formatting and getting my first post up. i'll let you know when i have it! :P you are awesome. :)

Georgia B. said...

i think it's a great idea!

have you seen my ShoeLove blog? shoes are a subject in and of themselves and deserve their own blog any day!

~B~ said...

Thanks Gerorgia and Lisa. I need to post more to it. I will be telling you all what pair of those shoes I got soon. Thanks for being such good followers. I love both of your comments

Joy said...

Hi Bridgette!
I had to come over to tell you that your comment really touched my heart! I immediately called my daughter, who lives across the country, to have her read it too. She, like I, began to cry.
I need to thank you for taking the time to write me. Just this week I asked myself if I should keep blogging. I wondered if it's a good use of my time. And because it takes so much time, I made it a matter of prayer. Your comment was the answer to my question! Blogging is worth my time when I am able to inspire and lift others.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for letting me know!