Monday, May 18

8 Things

So the lovely, talent Georgia tagged me, well everyone, in her blog. So I figured why not do it. It is where you have to post 8 things, and she added 8 pictures at the end of it. So I shall do that as well.

here's how "8 things" works:
1.mention the person that tagged you.
2.complete the lists of 8's.
3.tag 8 of your wonderful bloggy friends.
4.go tell them you tagged them!

8 Things I wish I could do:

1. I wish I could fluently speak, read, and write 5 lanuages besides my own.
2. I would love to be able to belly dance.
3. I woud also love to be able to ballroom dance.(what can I say I loooove to dance people who know me would agree)
4. I just wish that I could put my thoughts on paper like some people can, so basically write better.
5. I really would love to be able to play an instrument and do it well.( I tried in 6th grade flute was not for me)
6. I wish that I could sing as well as the joy it brings me. ( I sing all the time, the release it gives me)
7. I wish that I could understand my mother
8. I wish that I could be in more than one place at a time, to be with all my loved ones.

8 Things I look forward to:

1. Being done with school and teaching/helping children
2. Being a wonderful mother
3. Having my friends come vist me over here and see all these great places
4. Traveling more, especially our trip to Germany in June, Camping in France in July, London in August and Scotland in October
5. Making that trip back to Utah to see my gram(bad health so need to get there pronto)
6. Loosing this weight, being me again, well physically.
7. Having my house decorated just the way I want it to be
8.A nice sunny couple of days, I hope. Especially after this rain

8 Shows I watch:

1.Friends(I love it over and over again)
2.Smallville(always a superman gal)
3.Senifeild(my hubby and my mom got me hooked)
4. Ghost Whisperer(just got started, now all of these shows are on DVD since do not have regular cable over here yet. We are lookinh into Sky which is through Great Britian)
5.Sex in the City(I just want to live in NYC for 1yr)
6.Tudors(i love history and add a bit of yummy Jonathan Rhys Meyers done deal)
7.Dexter(sick show, goes with that I wanted to be a crimnal pyschologist)
8.All the the others, when I am not reading(which is all the time. We make up our own tv programming watching new shoes on DVD together)

8 Things I did Yesterday

1. Got up
2. Finshed the 3rd book in my new series
3. Started the 4th book in my series
4. PLayed with the dogs
5. Watched a Ryon do some garden work
6. Had dinner
7. Called my mother in law
8 Talked to my girl Lil Bridget in Texas.

8 Random Photos I love

Just soome random photos I pulled out a folder, I do not really ever have anything to post them with. Most of these are from Alaska, my goregous home state.

Now I only have 8 people that follow me on here....soooo ALL 8 of you are tagged! Please do it, it shall be fun!!!


Lisa said...

woo! i love this post, it was so fun. i promise i'll do it, might take me a couple days but i will. :) hehe.

Claire said...

how about 8 things i have come to appreciate about you through your blog:

1. your honesty
2. your love for your husband
3. your kind words on my blogs
4. your love of travel
5. your will to be more
6. your care for others who are hurting
7. your need to see your mother healed
8. your eye for seeing what i normally would not see

Georgia B. said...

oh, my gosh! i did not know you are from Alaska! how cool. great shots of your home state.

i'm glad you played along. it's fun to do the tags, no?

i always enjoy to get to know more about bloggers this way.

BitterSweet said...

This is really cool Bridge. I love it! I want to learn how to play an instrument as well...Mabye after nursing school! :)