Thursday, April 30

Simple Words

I got a little raw and deep yesterday. I apologize to my fellow bloggers for that DUMP of emotional baggage. I feel much better today though, the sun is shinning, I have a few good talks to clear my head. I am trying to just move foward, be simple do simple things, get my many list accomplished, to not be upset at myself when I do not accomplish everything on my many lists. =) I found a quote, and it fits me today. I want to keep it for the rest of the week.


That is my goal. Breathe in and breathe out.

I also need to get this psych homework done. Plus my 50 things to do by 50!! I have read the bucket lists, the 100 things to do before you die, 30 before 30. Which I pondered on doing. However with that only 3yrs away I do not want to feel rushed. I am going to take my time in doing my own list. 50 before 50. I challenge you ALL who read this to do that. Let us know that there is always time to achieve stuff. Besides I notice when you think about what you want to do, you remember what you have done and that just makes you realize how much you have lived, loved, enjoyed.

Hugs and Blessings to You ALL



Jamie said...

Ah, glad to hear you're feeling better today. I'm horrible at lists but I truly believe in their power to help get things done. When you say it out loud, write it down, and share it with friends the excitement spreads and suddenly you're not the only one who wants you to reach those goals. Good luck with psych!

Georgia B. said...

well said, dear.

now i'm off to read yesterday's post. :)

Lisa said...

aww do not apologize for sharing your feelings! sometimes what we need is to just let it all out! and somehow it helps when it's in blog form, more than in journal form...i don't really know why. maybe because it's OUT THERE..and you get some satisfaction in knowing that others will be able to read how you feel. but anyways...

i love that quote! that is more or less how i have been trying to be lately. as i get a little older i am slightly alarmed by how quickly time is passing..makes it all seem so short in retrospect. so i've been making an effort to really appreciate each moment, to really live in the now and not spend time wasting away in regrets, or being anxious for the future. of course i'm a dreamer so i can't help but dream about the future every now and then...but i have to watch myself when i start to get IMPATIENT for the future! that is what i do not want. i want to appreciate what i have RIGHT NOW, cuz it's well..the NOW, the MOMENT, is all we've really got, you know? so yeah.

good luck with your homework!

ps: captcha is: boodyng!!!! haha, i love it!