Wednesday, June 24

Running Behind

I have not been able to post a blog on here lately, I have not even been able to read my blogger roll for the last 3 days. Ahhhhhhhh I miss reading all your lovey words and commenting.

But so much is happening, I am getting custody of my siblings, so busy doing passports, court stuff, getting house ready ie setting up the bedrooms, buying a deep freezer to fill it up since they are 12,10 and 9 and I shall be using way more food than what my husband and I do now. Then getting them put on his orders and in the miltary deers system, then getting them to the east coast, to then get a Space A flight overseas. Now I have not done all of that, so will still be busy, then It is a waiting game for the court to go through. It will be a simpler process due to that my mom said we are not fighting here.

It is supposed to only be a year, but I will do it until she gets her crap together. I am very proud of her for making this choice for the kids, admitting she is failing as a parent had to be tough.=( But I am so glad she did, It will be hard for Ryon and I, big change in our lifestyle but sooooo worth it, I love them all so deeply I am not sure where the love even begins. To be able to postively affect them is going to be one of the best feelings.

Sooo I will be absent for awhile, not sure how long, I will try to catch up on reading the blogs, but i already fell behind this week on my school work too.

I hope you are all doing great, will miss you while I am gone.

Big Internet Hugs


Lisa said...

oh, bridgette. what a brave and wonderful thing you are doing!

my sister and brother (17 and 14) are coming out here in a couple weeks for a visit. NOT the same as them moving in with me! but still. i'd do anything for them. i'd take them in if i had to; they are my heart and i don't even think they quite realize it.

that is just really admirable that you are willing to make the adjustments needed-and that ryon is willing to support you!

what a great big sister you are. :)

Jamie said...

I took custody of my younger sister for a year when she was 14. It was a big adjustment to my lifestyle at the time - but that's what family is for. We've got to help eachother out. Especially when things are tough and lives become unmanageable. Good luck to you and I hope you get a chance to pop in and say hi from time to time.