Friday, June 18


Dear God, make me a bird, so I can fly, far far away.
- Jenny, played by Robin Wright Penn, in Forest Gump,1994

I want to be free
Free to live Life
Live, Love and Laugh
Freedom from this self made

I read these blogs about un-schooling their children, no plastic, homemade everything, live in a RV and travel the country. Just live. It is all about you, God, family and country.


Smiley face is how those thoughts make me feel.

how could I do that though??

The thought of no bills, besides what it just costs you to live? Freedom
Work when you need it, not for someone else? Freedom
Debt? Nope. Freedom
Restrictions? no. Freedom
Timeline? Only what YOU WANT it to be. Freedom.

I want that. right now.



Lisa said...

that sounds absolutely wonderful to me too. sigh.

M. said...

I think you can do this one of 2 ways...You can bide your time, and wait, and get caught up on all those bills and obligations. Then, you can make your great escape. But that might force you to wait a very, very long time, and live very, very cautiously for a great while.

Or, you can JUST GO. Accept that there will always BE bills, and there will always BE obligations, financial and otherwise. You can manage those to the best of your ability, but instead of sparing every penny for them, you can use some of those pennies for yourself.

Personally Im a bigger fan of the latter. I might die penniless, with no Roth IRA, and no retirement fund, with nothing but a backpack in a foreign country. But I will have GONE, and gone when the time was really right...