Thursday, June 3

Food Inc.

Well, well, What to say. Now I know what all the hype had been from some friends. I will never eat Tyson chicken again, corn fed cows caused ecolia to become stronger?? Okay now have to check my meat. Lucky me I live in Europe so I have access to real bread, normal grass fed cows etc. But I still love my American food. I will just have to do research more on some brands to not use.
If you do not want your fav foods to make your stomach turn or have your food bill doubled cause you buy more fresh and healthy instead of " cheap" DO NOT watch Food Inc.
If you want to learn a whole hell of a lot of crap, have something kinda force you to change your eating habits, or just to scoff at it. Watch it.
Other than that, go to my shoeblog. Check out some recent purchases. While you do that I am going to put some sublock on and soak up the warmth outside.


Lisa said...

eeeeep...i have not yet watched it for this very reason! lol. i know i will watch it some day but for now i'm just trying to make my eating habits a lot better. :) sigh...