Wednesday, December 1

Wishful Wednesday's

I find it quite fitting that I am writing my FIRST "daily" Wishful Wednesday's post on the FIRST day of December. Which I think is a perfect month to have some of those materialistic wants actually filled.

Today is not an external wishful thinking or wanting on my part.
I mean for the most part.

have you guys already decorated for Christmas? Playing the music? I TOTALLY am. I looove this time of year. Just because I think it is the one time a year that people try harder to be nicer, to give more to organizations that need it all year. Basically just a time of year that I wish we could have and act like through out the rest of the year. I  love doing the Sub for Santas, or whatever your mall, childs school or church might call it. One because several years growing up, would not have had a Christmas if my mom had not signed us up for it. So I always try to pay it forward or back.=) The baking, the smell of cinnamon and pine in my house. The lights, the snow, the music. I like some new versions. I have to admit, I am an oldies gal. Bing Crosby, Nat King Cole, Elvis, Alvin and Chimpmunks..what?? They are oldies and classical.=)

Anways here is to the countdown and to WISHING you a very happy week, a WONDEFUL start to the month. On with my post


the whole month off so I can bake everyday and sit in front of the fire with a good book
being near to my family and my dear friends that are pretty much like family
the smell of pine to stay in my house
that the little snow we have here will get a bit deeper and stay
motivation to be in the gym and watch what i eat..besides watching it go in my mouth.=)
to find a shelter or foster home or something for us to go donate our time to this Christmas season and show my siblings that live with me how BLESSED we are.

So that is pretty much what I am wishing for...

What are YOU wishing for?


Lisa said...

Hey! I have not decorated for Christmas. :( Probably this weekend. I really want to, but since we redid our livingroom I have absolutely no idea where to put the tree!! Hahaha. But I am going to rearrange and figure it out this weekend, it's time, I need that Christmas spirit in my HOME! :D OHHH and I am totally a Bing Crosby, Elvis, Judy Garland, Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, etc fan! The oldies Christmas songs are the BEST, the new ones are ok...but nothing beats the originals. :D

I am wishing for:

Time to spend with family & friends
A girl's Christmas PJ party (getting my wish in two weeks!)
People to stop being INSANE in traffic lol
Snowwwwwwww (not gonna happen! hehe) and a crackling fire to snuggle up with
More holiday flavors (Gingerbread, pumpkin, eggnog...yummmm.)
Happiness for all my friends
Some new yoga gear
Aaaand some new shoes and maybe a pretty new holiday dress ;)

Also, thank you for reminding me about all the awesome charities this time of year, I will definitely be looking into some ways to donate in my area. <3