Monday, November 15

100th POST!!!!


100 posts.

I love it.

Plus since it is the first in my new "series".. today being Monday..

So it is


I felt like just showing what has been on my "ear"

Yep my EAR

As in New Music
(to me anyways)

 Love Song

I heard them, not sure where last week, I just can not remember where...(okay FINE on Vampire Diaries that I watch with my yonger sister, to my credit I read the books when I was in jr. high so I owe it to myself to follow through with the series.)

Colours Fade
Light it Up
I wish I Was Someone Better

I just found them randomly on good ole you tube. I really like there style. Plus any group that has a female rocking the guitar, bass or drums, I always end up liking it. I guess cause I have always admired women who can play those instruments since I woudl love to play those.

What has been on your "ear"?
I love to share music.

Have a good week!!!
I have give Mondays a new chance, I usually want to break up with him to go on to his better looking brother Tuesday, I mean we all want to be with the cream of the crop, Saturday and Sunday. But they are always busy right?



M. said...

Mumford & Sons
Johnny Flynn
Nada Surf
Laura Marling
Trampled By Turtles
Brandon Reid

Lots of hippie-tastic neofolk/trad/newgrass, basically :P.

Lisa said...

Mmmmm...let's see...these days I am listening to bands like:

Band of Horses
Fleet Foxes
She & Him
The Swell Season

(Those are super folk-ish I guess...something about fall makes me in the mood for folk music... :D)

Aaaaaaand. That's pretty much it! I don't know why but lately I've been driving in silence, just to give my brain a rest...sometimes it's good to not have any noise! But if you're gonna have noise better make it GOOD noise right?! :D