Tuesday, June 16

A picture of a picture

Just wanted to post a picture of a picture I took while in Paris for the day...... well if you can call her a picture=)

As well as 20 things I am thinking today.....

1. I wish the weather would be the way it was yesterday evening all the time here

2. I hope the kids are having fun on their trip

3. I really am un sure how I will handle the no shopping ban in July

4. I can not believe that in 21 days I will be 27

5. I miss days sitting at the Barnes and Noble with my girls

6. I really want to get my nose pierced again

7. I am aching for a live concert to go to

8. I think everyone should follow the blogs I do, cause these ladies are amazing

9.I want to make grilled salmon for dinner

10. I wish my husband could take off everyday with me

11. I wish I could save every stray I find

12. I wish I could win the lottery and pay for all my loved ones to live well

13. I need to get back my mojo for the gym and keep loosing weight

14. With all these plane crashes in Europe these last 12 months, even I am a bit hesitant to fly

15. I want to do a girls trip

16. I am so excited to go camping

17. I am going to be going blondish in less than 2 weeks, I will miss the red

18. On july 4th I will have been with my man for 7 years

19. My random thoughts are quite boring

20. This post is lame but atleast it is a post...=)

Okay so I wanted to post some thoughts and 20 sounded good, then It was like my brain stopped wanting to think towards the end. I wish you fellow bloggers a joyus Tuesday.




Lisa said...

hahaha!! i loved your random thoughts. eep @ plane crashes! that's scary! and girls trips are fun! :P

sweet photo btw, that is sooo awesome that you had the chance to see her!

georgia b. said...

oh, you're just a youngin! i would love to be 27 again. :)

i've thought of getting my nose pierced, too. i just can't bring myself to do it, but i love the way it looks. i say go for it!

Claire said...

you have a very gentle and caring heart. i have seen that in every post that you have written.

georgia b. said...

love love love the new banner photo! and i love that you put it sideways. it's so funny you did that, 'cause i was recently thinking of putting some photos on my blog sideways just to be different. :)

you beat me to it. great minds think alike, right?

Claire said...

b, its me again.

i just want to let you know that i am needing to reprioritise my time due to a growing business. i have decided to stop commenting so that i am still able to read my favourite blogs. so although it might seem that i am no longer here, please know that i am.

BitterSweet said...

So NOT Lame. I heart your thoughts they are always fun and thoughtful. In fact ...I'm stealing this for my very own blog... :) Yes I'm back on here baby! <3