Monday, June 15

I agree with Cosmo

The July issue of Cosmo, under the Love and Lust section posted love lyrics that say it all....I loved the ones they choose. I am not posting all 13. Just the ones that I feel apply to my life, things I have been through. I have not written on here lately, so sorry for that. I have been on a shoe craze and paying more attention to my other blog. Which will not be having any new shoes posted for all of July since I am on a shopping ban to save some mula.However I still hope to get a pair since July is my birthday month. I also have found waaaay to many blogs I like to read, you need to check out my blog roll. These people all post things that change your life. That is not an me exaggrating either. Everything from breath taking photos, poems, DIY TIPS, great fashion tips, feel better about your body, shop on a love my fellow bloggers. Hence the 2hrs a day I spend reading them.=)

Okay on with my Lyrics

" I'm a movement by myself, but I am force when we're together"

" You can't just say I love you, You have to LIVE I love you"--my favorite

"Who do you love, me or the thought of me"?


Lisa said...

i love cosmo. :) great lyrics!!

oh and i agree, i find so much inspiration in my fellow bloggers. it's fun! such a cool creative outlet. hehe. :) i've also found some great blogs just by scrolling through your lists, you always find the good ones! :P