Monday, March 1

Loosing, oops, don't mind that.

On the AFN radio station here, they play this commericals about
" Thunder thigh clean up on Aisle 4"
"Don't mind my double chin just landed in your soup"
They are funny and a bit gross.
But I had to post about my loss, my 50LB benchmark weight loss.
I am not sure if I have mentioned my battle with.....ready???
I know we all face it, but I have never really put it out there for everyone to read, to KNOW, that I am one of THOSE people. The dreaded chunky monkey's. People come in all sizes, shapes, lengths, colors etc. However, I am not talking of people that are just naturally a bit bigger, the wonderful but those dreaded, "I can't loose the weight", "I can't help it", not taking care of themselves, to big for their hearts, high blood pressure, stroke waiting to happen type people.
We all can help it, there is a point to were the blame is no ones but ours.
You are strong and beautiful, you can do it.
I believe you can
Cause I did
I feel comfortable saying that cause I was there and am still battling it.
I do not come from a large size family, so genetics is not the cause, even saying that. You can overcome anything, so if genetics is your cause. Do not let it be. Fight it, you want to be happy and healthly, not a certain size. But being 250 plus pounds, out of breath on most things, size 20? We all know that is not happy nor healthly.
I was not at a size 20, but that is cause I was blessed with height. I did however get to a 17/18
How did I get there?
Hardwork at being lazy.
I started off with it being because of a vaild reason, I had medical issues, could not work out gained weight, had PTSD, that caused some more weight gain. But then I had lost 40lbs, I had started my battle. well little did I know what a battle that would be.
Fast Forward almost 4yrs later
I have yo-yo'd with my size, lost and gained, then lost and gained more back.
Up and down in clothes.
I was sad, lazy and stuck
I was in a shell.
August 2009,
My shell broke, That was it.
What was I DOING to my body?
I thankfully did not have high blood pressure, blessed.
I had an overall good cholestrol score, but one of them was high and If I kept it up, the others would follow
I thought how disrespectful am I being?
God let me be born into this marthon running, happy, vital, strong body and it was working hard for me
What was I doing to it?
So I started
Augst 14, 2009 to be exact
As of March 1, 2010
I have lost exactly 50lbs
I am getting there slowly and surely.
I think I will start to write about my struggles, things that worked/working for me, things that didn't etc.
I just had to tell the world...err or my 12 readers. lol
Anyone can do it, I am doing it.
March is off to a grand start.
Happy Monday



Lisa said...

Oh, Bridgette. This is so exciting! I'm so happy for you! I know how accomplished you must feel, and that it's not the easiest thing in the world to do, so I'm proud of you! I think you've just got to reach that point where you just decide to make it happen, no matter what. I would love to hear about your journey. I'm so excited for you! Yay! <3

~Hurricane B~ said...

Thank you for the words of encouragement. I love seeing your name on a comment. I know it will be lovely. I will write about it soon, how I got here, what I have failed at and done well with. Thank you again.

Jamie said...

Woohoo!! High-five B. Keep up the good work. PS I love the yellow. So springy...