Sunday, March 14

Why hello stranger..Where ya been??

" Hello, where have you been?"
" Deep inside, hiding, thank you for letting me out"
That was how the conversation in my head with myself went. Err
Well not completly, just trying to make the opening sentence a bit witty, I am not CRAZY or nothing, well never certifited that is.=)
But I did look in the mirror the other day and kinda stared, was getting ready, trying to be all sassy and upbeat. I got a new hair cut and color. Isn't it weird how it just makes you want to spend more time getting ready? Well I just sat there and saw the old me, It was peeking out and it was like seeing an old friend. it put a glow to my eyes, I guess I sparkle if you will. I was shocked..I CARED!! I cared what I looked like. Yes I am busy,
with friends mixed in and none of this is a certain rank order or nothing.
But anyways....
I really am DONE being the big girl, I figured for a long time, I am fat, ugly and it does not matter that I look nice.
Boy, was I wrong
It does to one very important and special person
SO what I put on some weight, I am still a pretty and friendly gal
not cocky or anything
I just used to see myself as fiesty, sassy cute gal before
But i did not look that wearing big t-shirts, comfy pants, not doing much with my hair.
I have been trying to look cute, getting told I am "shrinking" or "loovvve your shoes".
( Even though bought all these adorable shoes, i wore them once in awhile. Felt they deserved better or something equal pathetic and lame I put in my head.)
But for the last few weeks, been wearing a new pair a day basically.
I digress as usual
So this is a lil word of the wise for you lovely bloggers and any fellow loosers out there(weight loss)
Did you cheat on you diet? Have a bad day?
Get in a fight? Get a cold, flunk an assignment, just any normal life stress that makes you want to not do anything with youself?
Put on some mascara, maybe just a lil lip gloss,
Wear a smile
Nice pair of shoes, or a sunny and spring colored bag
I for one am huge fan of putting on a song I love and dancing around my house. ALWAYS lifts my spirits.
So this was a quick post, that jumped around. But I just wanted to say hello to that gal peeking through the cracks in this shell I have been wearing and to tell you all out there to do something nice for yourself.