Monday, March 1

She POPPED it....

Wow, I marched over here to most another entry really quick. Well I did not march, for reals.



London Girl, over at here. Gave me an award.

My first ever.


Thank you, others might not think nothing of an award, But I never got one on my blog.

So no matter why she choose me, she did. So I am thankful.

She popped my cherry, oooh dirty.=)
I found her blog via my lovely Lisa and am thankful I did
You need to go check out London Girl
1. She always has something interesting and witty to say
2. She gets to write about a city I love, I would follow to hear about it even if she was boring
3.You just should, so do it!
Then this is my 80th post. wow. I guess I expected something big for my 80th and I got it. Hmm I should plan a give away or some influential writing for my 100th huh?
Oh that is down the road.
I guess how you do it is by giving it back to people right?? I will come and add to this. Let me think who I want to pass it on too, plus I have homework to do and work to go to.
Check back for an update


The bloggers that I choose are going to be.....

drummmm roooollllllll

1. Lisa over at Love, Lisa

for always leaving comments and taking an interest

2. Georgia over at it's just how I see things

captureing pretty things in in your darkest hours

3. Claire over at Claire B

for always writing beautiful words that just flow with your amazing photos

4. Jamie over at Umbrella Blog

always stopping by to say hello and capturing the right moments on film

5. London over at Blog Fashion

she always inspires me with her amazin taste and ability to pair the right colors

I would like to give it to more girls too, but i will just stick to 5 and will find another award to give to some more people.

Thanks for checking back in.


Lisa said...

Yay! How cool! :P Awwwwwwwww. Congrats, what a beautiful blogger you are INDEED! <3

London Girl said...

Thanks for the lovely words!

You are also making me feel incredibly naughty with all that popping talk!


georgia b. said...

thank you, sweet girl.

this means so much to me. i'm happy that God wired me up to be creative and able to express myself creatively in those dark hours just as much as in the light hours. creativity is definitely one of the things that get me through the rough patches. so i so appreciate this award for that very reason. so kind of you to give it to me.

and i agree with what you said about lisa. not only is she super sweet, but she always faithfully comes to visit my blog and leave comments, even when i can not get to hers for a while... which reminds me... i have to go check hers out. it's been a while.

i ADORE your new bright yellow background! so bright and cheery. and not your typical yellow. LOVE it! sorry i've not been here in so long. but just so you know... i treasure every word you leave on my blogs. you leave the most sincere messages and i always know you genuinely read and took in interest by what you said. i'm ALWAYS so glad to see your name pop up.

hugs to you, b. you are loved.

Londyn said...

Thanks so much for the award!! You're so sweet!

Claire said...

b, this means so very much to me.

thank you for being the faithful commenter that you are over at my place. i appreciate your honesty, your sense of humour, your openness to life.

hoping this week is blessed!