Thursday, August 26

Live. Love. Laugh.

This is "my life currently"

I wanted to get everyone caught up on my summer and the what nots of my life right now

* summer camp is as hard and fun as they all said it would be

* Italy was amazing, hot weather, hot shoes, hot people, Pisa? Overrated, but this lil ole' Alaskan is thankful I saw it

* I removed mother from her postion, she is now ole'womb, that happens when you can not call your child(ren) back after 3 months.

* I realized I read a bunch of fluff, so going to start to read more substance, like twinkies vs. brocoli

* I failed my shopping ban, going to try again in Sept or Oct. Summer just has too many good deals

* I miss the mountains

* I have the best, without a doubt husband ever

* turning 28 is not something I wanted to do, I like the sound of 27 better, but now that I am here, I will live.

* i can not find my ipod. i am dying, really. i might need to buy a new one. it was 5 years old. but ipod? Where art thou? i need you

* has fallen in love with ice cream again, hot days do that to you

* misses my girlfriends in the states, Belgium is changing so much for me, i am trying to focus on travel, but i am someone who likes to be alone, but not feel lonely. if that makes sense?

* has become hooked on DIY blogs, can not wait to move back to the states with all the thrift store finds from Europe and make a home finally. hopefully

* Is torn between wanting to stay overseas.

* is super excited about my fall classes for school.

* fell off the diet wagon, now i am chasing it right now, maybe tommorow i will get on it again



Lisa said...

Ooooh you are so lucky you went to Italy! Aw man, that's so cool.

And I just wanted to tell you that I read your post above and it made me cry, I may not know all the details but I've been reading your blogs long enough to know you write him on that day every year. And I always just feel so invasive on those posts, like they are letters to him and if I comment on it I'll be intruding somehow. But just know that it touched me. :)

~Hurricane B~ said...

You are one of the most thoughtful people I know. You can post whatever you want, ask what you want, I can even give you names if you want to research it. It is why I have some of the scars I do, physical ones that is. So do not feel that way at all.=) Thank you for reading my blogs. I am trying to get better at posting. Italy was fun, anytime in the 2 years I am here you can come. Plus being you of the perks to the MOUNDS of B.S is getting sent overseas and paid to live here. Think about that.