Saturday, August 28

Just You

Alaskan country to the core

Best friend and the greatest of souls

Funny drunk

Had love for all things Dodge or Polaris

Sweetest of men


Off key singer, yet still the best seranade I ever had.

Full of dreams and goals

Always had that little smirk of a smile and laugh that used your whole face

Never one to not say " hey dude"

Good mommas boy and not in the bad  or creepy way, the that is love and respect way.

Best of older brothers

Blue eyes that looked at me and really saw me

His first lover

My first love

Deeply missed

Never completly gone

Life is cherished

Blessed to have known him

Would have loved to see what else he would do and become

A small poem....


will I see your smiling face,

will I feel your strong firm embrace.

will I wish upon the starry skies,

will I gaze into your loving eyes.

will I feel your warm lips upon mine,

will my eyes sparkle and shine.

the streets your feet will roam,

Because Our Lord and Savior decided to take you Home.

~ These are just a few things that come to mind when I think of  you, we think of you often, most especially this day, we hope you are watching us and our proud. We are love you, we miss you and we will see you one day again~

Dustin Lee Gard

May 1982- August 2001