Thursday, September 16


Hey y'all, I was just sitting over here in the ever falling rain of the Belgian fall and thinking of making some changes. I want to be able to post more frequently but, with my home life, school and work it is diffcult to do so randomly through out the week. Unless I make a theme, something I can set up ahead of time, schedule to post on certain days and then still when the mood strikes me, post a random update or whatever I am feeling.

So was thinking.... I had to be careful here, can not hurt myself right? =)

Manic Monday's: This can be random, whatever I want, what happened over the weekend, a new song, poem, funny story whatever I want

Tasty Tuesday's: I post a new thang I have cooked, an old favorite, a new recipe I have found but not tried. Will include pictures and what directions I followed or the mixings I just threw together

Wishful Wednesdays: could be internal wishing, a new pair of shoes, some items catching my eye, a dream I want to follow. Just wishful things.

Thankful Thursday: People and events I am thankful for, could be my husband, my friends, the person that let me in front of them at the checkout that week.=) Just all about being thankful. might even get deeper with a roof over my head, health care etc etc. Just thankful

and that is as far as I got...=)_

But just wanted to throw that out there, that is what I was thinking of changing up a bit.


Well my life is all of that lately, I am going out tommorow night, girls night. Should be a blasty blast. But got to get going, I have a mid-term today, then the gym, then a doc appt, might be real wild and get my eyebrows waxed.=)



Lisa said...

I love this idea! I really want to start up a blog again but with that last one I started to feel PRESSURE, most likely put on from myself, but...still. I miss my old blog and how easy it was and how I would just write from my heart, etc. I need that again. Soooo I'm just trying to figure it out haha. I love this idea, can't wait to see what you come up with!