Monday, October 4


We have been without internet for two weeks....yes TWO WEEKS, well almost. I have been having to go to the library to do my school work and try to respond to emails. So got it up today, after the tech guy came out who fixed it after 3hrs of cussing and up and downstairs?

Love you if you said me...=)

But no, my hubby.

So for last 2hrs have been overdose'n on email, blogs, articles and facebook. So now going to watch a tv show I missed and hit the hay.

I just wanted to put that out there, we are weak in this household. LOL, seriously I had the shakes. The internet is my newsource, music, tvshows, friends, school etc etc....I possibly can not live without it.



Lisa said...

Hahaha, I am the same way! I need the internet!! Haha. Good to hear you got it back up. :D

(...that's what she said...)