Thursday, October 14


Thoughts blocked in my mind,
fingers refuse to type what is needed,
mind races with thoughts that are not what is needed,
useless babble playing round and round on the merry go round in the head
feelings of happiness, anxiety, rejection, hopefullness jumping on and off the ride at randomness

What is really needed?

a steady hand with a straight and narrow path being walked in the head, fingers that will type what is needed

The sound of the constant chatter to cease, to not feel the need to always say something and then the mind on the merry go round wondering about others thoughts

say no to temptations that are bad for me, to be to focus on my goals and be healthly.
(step away from the ice cream and GO TO THE GYM type of stuff)

finish the lists I make

Just some things I am thinking all the while I should be typing in word, I have more than half of my paper left on Afterlife, a research paper, how do you prove afterlife? You can't. You can prove that people believe in it and in many different versions. But afterlife that is all based on faith. I am tackling it from christian(since that is what I am) atheisit and the Hinduism version. The research was fun, thought provoking now I need to write it, not be writing here at almost 2am. UGH. The life of a college student eh?

Oh also what should I do for my 100th post?


Amy @ Renovation Innovation said...

Stopping by from DIY show off! :)

Lisa said...

OHHHH that paper sounds so interesting! You know I love that stuff. Yeah and life is just crazy. Sometimes it's hard to get these bodies/minds to coincide with our hearts...

The DIY Show Off said...

Hey - I have those same thoughts! Well, minus the afterlife but very interesting stuff. Thanks so much for stopping by today and playing along. So fun! ;) Good luck with your paper!