Tuesday, February 24


Who are you?
You stare at me as If I should know you
I think I know you,
are you me?
Are you what I used to be?
Or maybe what I long to be?

I long for us to know each other again
To be able to talk,
not the silent pleading.
Really talk
Can we?

Take my hand
Off we go

to become
but we.

I was just sitting listening to this lovely artist I found called Neko Case, she is like a mix between Alsion Krausse and Mazzy Star,and a lil of Janice Joplin to me. I added her to my playlist. For all I know you could be listening to her now. Well I started to look at pics, then the a.d.d in me kicked in and started to read old journals. WOW...what a trip. So that is where that lil poem or blurb comes from. It comes from me poking around in my head..my head of the past, now and then looking towards the future. i hope I can stay on this path I am currently on. I long to get away from the large girl, the accept it gal. I want to be the healthly, fit, take charge I deserve the best girl. I think I am getting there. Stayed tuned maybe you can open the curtains with me.



Claire said...

looking forward to it.

Georgia B. said...

please do enter that contest! that is why they want you to post about it, because they want as many people to enter as possible. and even if they didn't, i would want my readers to!

i can't wait to see your entry!

(I'm going to have to check out Neko. I love Alison Krause, so if she is anything like her, I will love it!)

but more importantly, your poem is beautiful. it reminds me a little of my recent poem—three posts ago.

it seems very heartfelt.

i also wanted to tell you, that i very much appreciate all your kind and thoughtful comments that you faithfully leave. i always look forward to what you say. i feel you are very genuine and generous to take the time to leave thoughtful comments. i am sorry that i do not visit yours as often as i would like. hopefully that will change soon.

lastly, about the links. it is quite easy to create.

when you are in you draft composing you post, highlight the word or words that you want to be a link and click on that little chain-link button (it's pretty close to the button you hit to add a picture). then paste your URL in and click OKAY. that should create the link.

maybe that is what you are doing already, but for some reason it is not working. if so, i apologize—i'm not trying to make you fee stupid.

let me know if you still have questions. you can e-mail me (the address link is on my profile page).

i hope all is well with you!