Wednesday, February 25

I Heart Faces Week --- B&W

So I was doing my normal routine of reading all the lovely posts my fellow bloggers had posted this afternoon. As it normal goes this one blog gave me an idea. Gergoia has a way with finding awesome things to do with photography, as well she mixes poems, pictures, lyrics from music and passages from books in the most splendid way. I have always found several other of the blogs that I like to read via her read list. To me it is no suprise that she found something else that is great to do. A FACE CONTEST. Not an actual face..but a photo.Sooo she is doing this contest on this site called iheartfaces

SO I choose to use this picture of me, bare, fresh....vunerable per say. No mask, just me and my smile. the shadows is something that really makes my face pop I think. I had taken it and sent it to my husband on a TDY, that way he could have a pic of me while thinking of him. He always makes me smile wider than my mouth can actual stretch. I like

I figured why not I will go ahead and do it too. So this is the photo that I am entering.
YOu just must must MUST go check out everyone else entires Again at this link.
I looked at only about 50 and was loving every entry. So many people have so much talent.



Marci's World said...

Oh, such a sweet pic. I'm sure he loves looking at this - and at you!!

Claire said...

you are positively radiant in this photo!

Jamie said...

Good luck on the contest! There are sooo many great faces out there. I love this project.

Lisa said...

i love this photo of you! you just look so happy and natural and it's beautiful. i bet your hubby is glad to have this while he is gone! hehehe.

hey thanks for your comment! i've just been feeling a bit scatterbrained with my blog lately, i feel like it's kind of boring or not very focused or something. hehe. ahh. it's nice to hear your input, maybe i won't stress myself out so much with that one. maybe i'll just do the thrift one then..i dunno but for some reason i kinda want a thrifting blog. lol. i'm a weird one. but perhaps i will just keep one blog for everyone else...i think you are right on that one! i might stress myself out if i have too much to handle at once. soo anyway.

the photo break has been so nice. i would do that too..i'm crawling into bed and all of a sudden i'm like "nooo!! i did not take a picture! i must go find something to photograph..." haha. and i tell you, there are only so many things you can photograph in your home before you run out of stuff. i decided to take a break so i will have a chance to get inspired. maybe a couple times a week when i go somewhere i will take a series of photos and do a different kind of weekly photo project. hmm..i will have to think about this one.

anyways. sorry your hubby is gone. :( that is no fun. but i'm sure you have found ways to entertain yourself in the meantime...

take care love!

Lisa <3

(OMG the captcha is: mopoofor!!!! LMAO hardcore!! ahhh sorry i don't know why but that is so funny to me. :P)