Thursday, February 12

Forget.Don't You

Hey Y'all!! I just wanted to write a quick blog to remind you not to forget about my photo blog I am doing with a friend check it out here please. If that does not work it is called Two Friends.Two Pictures on my read list. We are having alot of fun with it to just see how we take the pictures so diffrently. Now as well with another photo goal of mine..the one picture a day. I was getting to were if I did not go anywhere that day that I was finding it hard to be able to take a pic of something around the house and yard that was not Ryon or my pets. I went to the ShutterSisters site and they said not to force yourself with goals like that, you end up with bad pictures it is okay. Well they said it lot more uplifting and used better words.=) I have a link to their page to the left. Anyways so this week I only took one pic, because I do not want to take bad pictures. But I wanted to share with you some of the "photo a day" pictures I have taken. Now my friend Lisa over at her blog has been posting hers every week. For you photo lovers you have got to check her blog out, on my read list it is LISA she is really got an eye for catching things in neat ways. But anyways here are a few of mine that I have taken. 1. flowers ryon got me 2. my favorite cross in my new red bookshelves 3. the antique chair i bought.i am on a red kick

and a weird angle one.
4. first snow fall.i love snow

Oh this week has been absolutely wonderful and full filling. I registered for classes, ordered books. I am not taking that Collge Algerbra 3 class. I thought it was just a basic math but it is not. So I am doing French, Pysch and Western Civilization.Just cross your fingers for me that I get a student loan. My mom and the kids are not going to loose the house(If you do not know I will write a blog about it later but they were one of the ones hit by the nationwide epidemic of foreclourses, well my gram was) oh and we are 80% sure we are going to Switzerland in June. I will tell you more about that laters. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Have a great weekend, do something sweet on Friday the 13th, something with your lover on Saturday and Rest on Sunday like the Lord wants us too. I know I always do.



Lisa said...

awww bridgette thank you for the shout out! :) hehe. so i love the flowers and the red cross. i have been itching to go antique shopping, there is this AWESOME old furniture store right down the street from me (i don't know if it's actually antique or not, but it's just filled with all of this old furniture, anything you could think of, and people buy stuff there to fix up) and i have been wanting to check it out and see what i can salvage. i have to learn how to do that sort of thing, my mom was always doing that (refinishing furniture, recovering sofas, sewing, stuff like that) and i've always wanted to give it a try. if you're ever in cali (hey, it could happen!) there are so many thrift stores i could take you too and cool things like that. ooh and i am so jealous of your snow! well...not the cold part, i am such a wimp in the cold! but i think that snow is so pretty and wish i could see some from time to time.

anyways i love your two friends, two pictures blog. i love the way you two have different perspectives on your theme of the week, that is really cool!

aand i like your take on "not forcing yourself" to take a photo...that is a good idea. i have pretty much exhausted all the cool stuff in my apt to take photos of. ahhh. so either i need to start going more places, or not put too much pressure on myself. anyways.

i'm so glad that we keep in touch, you are my internet buddy that i've had for such a long time even though we never really hung out much in person and that was such a long time ago! but i hope you know i consider you a dear friend and i enjoy our little internet community.