Friday, February 13


Hey even though we are not big Valentines Day people. I wanted to give you a little something to say Happy Valentines Day, I love you and Thank here are so words I never say enough...I think anways

Ryon Ray,

Thank you. For being a strong man that I can lean on.
Thank you. For being able to calm me down like no one else can
Thank you. For loving me
Thank you. For showing me that it is okay to say "I need you..."
Thank you. For always being able to know when I am hiding my true feelings.
Thank you..For making me want to be a better person
Thank you. For making me feel beauitful
Thank you. For some how knowing when I need that hug
Thank you. For accepting my family
Thank you. For giving me your family
Thank you. For one day being the father of our children
Thank you. For just laughing gently when I get all nerdy and clap my hands at the lil things.
Thank you. For you

I never feel that I tell you enough, I never show you enough. You mean the world to me. I would not want to be experience these times with anyone else but you. We have been through so, so , so much. We never do anything half ass it is always full throttle using all of our hearts, souls..and sometimes tempers. I am proud to look at you in your know what a good, NO great soilder you are. How your peers and superiors look up to you. You never settle and I might call you greedy at times. But secretly I love that you always get something and then reach for more. Life is never boring with you.

Thank you

You are mine

As I am yours,



Georgia B. said...

This is a very cool photo!
and the effect is awesome!