Tuesday, April 14

Sixth Photo Tag

So I was needing something to post today since I have been neglectful. I have been up to the top of my curly head in reading/homework for school. Now I am very aware of why I put it off to get it finished and get that degree. Maybe I should have stuck with banking??=)

So I happened to be reading a friends blog, Brie, and she tagged me. Well she tagged anyone who reads. You have to go to your sixth photo folder, and pick the sixth photo and then tag six people. Tooo many 6's for my comfort. As long as they are not near each other I will be okay.=)

So my picture is of my 21yr old goregous sister Alexandra. As you can tell she is into the partying.However she is a good girl and this is Halloween. I stole this pic off her myspace and then did some editing. =)

So the 6 people I tag are--Lisa, Georgia,Jen-Jen,and um...that is it cause I am lame. Anyone else who wants too. Write me back and let me know if you did it.


Georgia B. said...

thanks for the tag!

i've seen this before on other blogs and wanted to do it. i'm glad to do it!

gonna go look now.

how've you been? haven't seen you around lately.

Georgia B. said...

oh, i forgot to say . . . your sister is a cutie!