Monday, April 27


~Though hope is frail~

~It's hard to kill~

I always have hope for you.

that you will do what it takes.

be the way you should be

to earn that title

what title?


I know you are more than a mom.

i try to look at your choices from a woman's point

just even a human


How many times can you go down this path?

How many of your children do you need to tell you with their tears it is hurting them?

how many people need to try to tell you how to fix it before you learn it is broken?

you would think with as many times as you have stood at this point you would know how to prevent it, how to fix it, how to see it coming,



you are killing their childhood, their faith in you, their innocence.

Did my stories of my point of view of the past do nothing?

I just know, we know

you can be so much more, I ALWAYS HOPE that you will see your potential through my eyes

that of a successful woman

an adult

a mother

a sister

your eldest daughter

even though you have let me down, the kids down, I still have that one thing

that thing you can not kill with the insanity of the same actions every year

every decade

every generation you are putting through the current issues you're facing

what is it?



Claire said...

B this is raw and real and very brave. Keep hoping and remember that God's redemptive love surpasses your hope as large as it is.

Jamie said...

Wow. There's a lot of emotion here. I can only imagine the fire running through you as you typed these personal thoughts. I hope it gave you some peace to get it out.

Georgia B. said...

such good writing here, B.

i'm glad you are able to write your thoughts down.

Lisa said...

awww B, i love this! very real. i think it is beautiful and your true heart and soul can be seen here.

sometimes it's so hard to make the ones we love just...understand...from our point of view! i can totally relate..maybe not exactly the same, but in my own way and it makes me feel less...

alone. :)

BitterSweet said...

Wow this is amazing and brave. I even love the way you layed it out.

Keep your head up!