Thursday, April 16


So I follow this blog by this wonderful lady named Joy, if you want to check out her site go here. I am just one of hundreds of followers that she has. Well seeing how easy she makes it look I figured hey I am going to start doing stuff like that. Sooo I went to the thrift store called Grandma's Attic and found some great things. Add a lil tape, some spray paint. VOILA!!

So what do you think for the first ever spray painting-fixing up project I did?

HAHAHA that was just during the process, here are the before and afters~
First lesson, TAPING IS KEY, I did get some spray on the glass but I can get them off. I sprayed the other one white and did not like it so that is why there is only two here. I am now going to spray them crimson or cherry red. I paid 10 bucks for all 3 of them. I saw the little ones at IKEA a couple of weeks ago for 7 EUROS a piece. Add the black spray paint I got them about 75% cheaper. THAT is something to smile about.

So if you check this post out Joy, thank you for inspiring me. For others I recomend you start looking at things that are a lil rusty, broken and ugly in a new light. I also have done a ladder bookshelf I was going to donate, some picture frames to go with my new "theme" in my dining room. They look fabolous and I feel like I have a new piece of furniture. I am on a roll and am not stopping anytime soon.


Claire said...

i have missed you while i have been away.

Joy said...

I am sooo thrilled to be your spray paint inspiration! I'm happy to know that you're now seeing the potential in things that can look fresh and new with a coat of paint. It's fun to be able to reinvent your house by just using a little can of spray paint.
I love your little lanterns!

Thank you so much for the link to my blog!

Claire said...

Please do pop in next time you are here. I am in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.

Blessings for the day.

Lisa said...

oh wow! i love these. so very creative and cute! thank you for inspiring me. :)

ps: word verification is tremp. perhaps how the british say "tramp"?