Wednesday, September 9


WOw, I have posted 60 entries on here, it seems so little and a whole lot at the same time. I went back and re-read some of my first posts. I am still unsure of what theme this blog is. It is my hodge-podge. I write here, post pictures, others quotes, lil poems...etc.

Lately I have not had the time to edit my pictures, or even go through them to put what I think is blog worthy. Cause like Georgia said recently...sometimes we only put the best out there. Sooo I do not put my bad ones up and not having the time to pick the good ones or make them good...well that just means no pics. I also feel I have had so much to say but when I sit down to write it does not come out right. My friend got a me a lil desk calendar that has quotes for woman by woman for each day. So I have been going through it to find something that fits what has been on my mind that day and post it.

So I hope all you lovely bloggers had a Happy Hump Day, here is what was on my mind today. Just people who HAVE to tell you everything they have, everything they can get or have done....I think this fits for those braggers and one uppers

" Being powerful is like being a lady, if you have to tell people you are, you aren't"
-Margaret Thatcher


Lisa said...

awwww bridgette, well i love reading your blog! you are very real and honest and i love it. i think everyone goes through blogging ups and i am sure your words will find you soon! and, in the meantime, isn't it so nice to find others who've said the words for us? i always have all this stuff going on in my head, and i don't know how to say it all, so it makes me feel really good and relieved and awed to find someone who has been able to capture what i'm thinking through their words.

i love that quote. i can think of a few people i'd like to say that to. ha. ;) take care!

Claire said...

each quote you have shared, has made me stop and think. thank you for that.