Monday, September 21


My 2 brothers and 1 sister that are coming to live with us will be here in less than 10hrs. It is amazing that we made it through to the end of this road, that we got it all done(well still doing laundry) but the IMPORTANT stuff is done. I have been horrible about commenting and blogging much of anything. I am still trying to read the blogs of all you wonderful peeps I follow. I will get back on track, ehhh someday I hope.=)

I am going to go back to jamming out to Blondie and folding clothes. My thoughts, prayers, smiles and best wishes go out to y'all. Please wish us good luck with getting the kids settled into things. I know they will be tired and this can not be easy for them

Big Hugs


Lisa said...

hey! hope it's going well with the siblings! :) awww. miss ya! <3


(lol...word verification is "weari" and i just thought it was kinda funny, haha...hope the kiddies aren't wearing you out!! haha.)

BitterSweet said...

You will do great! I think this is an incredible thing you are doing for them!

Claire said...

loving the way you do laundry and hoping that the family is settling in well!


Lisa said...

hey there again! i just wanted to say hello and thank you for your recent sweet comments and encouragement. i've been missing your posts lately but i'm sure you've been super busy with the sibs!! i hope that everyone has settled in awesomely. :) so. anyways, miss you lots, and hope your life is going fab!

Lisa :)