Friday, September 18

My Own words...finally

So like I have said I have had lots to say but not sure how to word it. I guess I just read these wonderful blogs were they are able to make their simple thoughts seem like poetry. To give inspiration with flourish and I feel as if my writing glass is half full. I think that I just want to seem awesome, creative and basically "LISTEN TO ME". That is the inner people pleaser in me really, really showing through.=)

I have been so focused on my siblings coming to live with us, school and work that I just have time to think of a quote that fits some stuff that has happened to me that day or a thought I had..and post it. Soooo with the kids getting here in 8 days..... YEP 8 DAYS...OH GAWD....won't think about it...breath in and out...slowly. I really have not thought about the changes to our life, or the negative things that can happen. Will we be able to adjust easily? Will the kids like it here? Will this really be a better place for them? Am I far enough away from making the mistakes of my mother to be good for them? Can we really truly afford to add 3 people to our incomes?? What will happen if the kids have more emotional scarring than I am prepped for?

And on..and on and on the questions started coming today. I just have been focused on keeping my husband optimistic, planning, researching, ordering things, giving support to my sister(the wonderful 21yr old who has really stepped up to the plate and had them for the last 2 and half months actually 3 1/2)working and school that no doubts of MY OWN have been able to creep in longer than 2 secs. Well today they started..not good. Just not good.=(

I am telling myself it would be harder for my husband because him and his siblings are close in age, he did not grow up around babies, and does not have the experience I do with handling kids. But truly..I am always worried about me. I have been with just my husband and I, and with him being gone a lot(before here anyways) I had me, myself and I. Do I have the patience I had in me before?? I work with middle schoolers right now and they drive me nuts sometimes.

On a happier note I have lost 10lbs in 4 weeks. I am doing really good with making this life style change, If I can keep up this weight loss I will be where I want, NO need to be sooner than I thought I could get. Maybe once I am there I will post a picture or the OLD me, then the present me, then the NEW OLD ME......nice and healthly again.=)

So because the kids get here next week, we are going to go a little wild and party it up at Oktoberfest this weekend. That might seem bad to others, but it is the 40th anniversary of them having it on Shape and they are going all out and soo...well I want to to. Plus the Germans, boy they are crazier than us Amercians.. FOR SURE.=)

So I will end this post with some pictures from our garden, well mostly my husbands. I did not kill it why he was gone this last month either. Yahoooo, so soon I will post some pics ofLondon.

These are the pumpkin and gords going wild. Hard to walk in there, this is from a couple weeks ago too. We have 3 gords, and about 5 pumpkins ranging from a small basketball to a..well bigger than one. hahaha. Fun times.

This was a recent "mini harvest" I did. That is zuccinis, cucumbers, bell peppers and banna peppers.


Lisa said...

by the way, i am soooooo jealous of your garden! hahaha not really jealous, but that is so cool you have that. ahhhh. i can't wait till i can have one too!!