Friday, September 4


" It is better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life"
-Elizabeth Kenny


Steve Gravano said...

Beautiful quote! Words to live by.

Lisa said...

hey bridgette. :) i'm just responding here to your comment on my blog! haha. so my friend lives in a reallllly cool, quaint house in los angeles, and in fact the entire neighborhood is quaint. the brick house is the house the next door, and the window shots i took from inside her room. i could have taken pictures there all day! it is big, old, wooden, creaky, and most likely haunted. haha. but it's beautiful!

and, it's ok that you haven't felt much like writing. i was feeling like that, too, and i just barely started coming out of it. i think it's normal for those of us who blog. i think we want it to mean something, and sometimes it's hard to get the meaning from our head to the screen. but we'll keep coming around, reading your awesome quotes, until the day that you're ready to write again. :) love ya girlie! take care.