Thursday, August 11

Thankful Thursday's...Strength

I am thankful for strength this week

when you are going through rough patches and you don't have any yourself

i am thankful for those in my life that pick me up and remind me of the inner strength i have

To be able to see the things I have been through and the strength, faith and courage and determination to

Over come it all and be better from it is not something all can do

but there are times i just can not grasp that strength

things start to just crash over me. like one heavy wave after another and as much as i am trying to swim

through and get back to shore

i cant

so this week

I am so thankful for an amazing best friend, fincial advisor, cook, professional back tickler, shoulder to

lean on, professional speaker in the " nothing is wrong pull those big girl panties up", lover and my dear




So much more deserves to be said for him and to him. But this simple post of me being thankful will have 

to do.

Plus who doesn't love a kind word or two?

* Sorry that this seems kinda heavy but the next thankful thursday's will be light and fun and i am okay again. I can get through anything. So no more heavy posts.....well for the next while until life happens right??

What are you thankful for??

As always



Claire said...

b,thank you as always for your thoughtful comments over at my place.

i am thankful for people like you who take time, really read and respond with consideration. it makes blogging worthwhile.

i never realised until today that you were a military wife?

~Hurricane B~ said...

Claire, I truly wish I could meet you in person and give you a big hug( am a great hug giver) then on a selfish note pick your brain. Your words and pictures always inspire me, your life. As always your kind comments on my blog posts are taken to heart and if I am going to pay attention to anyones words, you would be one of them. I am glad things are going better for you.

To answer your question, yes I am an Air Force wife and also an Army Civilian employee( work with Child and Youth Services) at the Teen Center. It is one of the reasons that we are over here in Europe(2013)!=)