Monday, August 22


Man oh man...this waiting is killing me. Now granted it has only been one day but....waiting to get approved for Pintrest is KILLING ME.


I am wilting away

I am loving all these things I want to " pin" and I can't...

I can just look!

What is pintrest you ask?

Well a really neat site that you can get inspiration from pictures that people post
kind of like that other website that you made boards on...I am having a brain fart right now.
Well now with this you can "like" items and "pin" items. You can create your own little boards by labeling them..and that is all I know because I am not a member and am just creeping on it right now.

So if you are a member and happen to be reading this....comment me to see if 

a) Have I died yet?

b) or am I accepted yet..

if not..offer to give me an invite...

 so I can give you my email address and get an invite.

Me asking for it does not mean the offer isn't kind and  doesn't mean  that I won't be super SUPER grateful.




I AM IN NOW!! Wooohoooo

My name is AlaskanStyle

I tried to do so many names, could not find one I liked and ones I really did were too long. So this is it...

I am probably still pinning away as you read this.