Thursday, August 4

Thankful Thursday's...the First

I know I came up with the idea of doing a series during the week to try to give me more to write about
to write everyday even

Epic Fail right?

But this is my blog and this is life and by now I am very good at just picking up where I left off and continuing to try.
That is all we can do.

So here is one of the ideas I had...THANKFUL THURSDAY's

This is where I will write what I am thankful for, Maybe share a picture of that

This Thursday

I am so very. very thankful for.

1. My husband. My ahhh-mazing military man. He is my rock. He is the one that makes me laugh when I am trying to cry...he is military so he also is the one to tell me to suck it up and deal with it when I am being to wallow-y
(it is a word)

2. My body and health. I am a woman so I believe it comes with our genetic DNA or handbook
to just be miserable with something on our bodies at ALL times.
I am never happy with my weight. ever. I mean I am a chunker trying to get skinny. But I remember being young and skinny and still not being happy.

If I could back I would slap myself.

Anyways I am so thankful for the body I do have. Because with  all the medical stuff I have had happened, the physical therapy, surgries and hospital stays that I can walk, I can move my arms, breathe on my own, dance and can earn a living
I should be.
I am so very thankful for my good blood pressure, no serious diesases

It might seem silly to some to be thankful for your body.

But darn it
We should be. It is a wonderful and magical thing.
How it works and everything we can do because we are human
That should not be taken lightly and today I am thankful for it.

3. My loves. That is my teens at my work.siblings and pets.( not in order of importance)

 That line from Beyonces song fits

"they will be the proof that I lived"

My friends are my adopted and CHOSEN family. I love my family, at all times. Even when I hate them and can not talk to them or be around them. But my friends.....ahh..they are ahhhhh-mazing people. My husband is even my friend, but you know how it is
there is just something so dear to our hearts as
a girlfriend.
I have lucky to have some great ones.
If you are reading.
I heart you, love you and larva you =)

4. I am so grateful that I can work and was able to find work and I do work.
I know plenty that want to but can't find it
On top of being able to

For those in the dark

well turn on a light....


Okay it wasn't that funny

For those in the dark
I work at a teen center
I get to bond, inspire, help teach, talk with, play with teens.
I run youth leadership programs
that deal with saying no to sex, drugs, peer pressure, doing community service, how to interview, speech
etc etc etc
I also go to other places, amusement parks, kayaking, hiking, rock wall climbing, laser tag

So yes I have been confused lately
Extremly so
But with those things I am thankful for today.


How can I not realize I am enough and my life is enough ?

What are you thankful for today?