Wednesday, August 3

Wishful Wednesday's

Oh what am I NOT wishing for....

1. To have more hands and time to do all the things I want
2. To loose this weight with a snap of a finger
3. To be back on our cruise in the Greek Islands already
4.For the sun to stay out like it has this week every week so can keep our garden going strong.


I have the wishful material items too...

 Since joining my Book Club I have realized I need  a Kindle. I was leaning more towards the Nook since I am a Barnes and Noble memeber and have been for years. But Kindle has been out longer and Amazon is not having the money issues Barnes have researched and found as long as you disable the wireless Kindles can last up to a month for their battery power. Ssssswwweeeet!

Isn't this one nice and then this purple case is way cute and I would want to make sure it was protected so it is practical too..

Okay if you follow my other shoes and shoes are always something I want.

Like these from
(by journey's)


Oh and these
Promiscuous Brand
No really that is their name
From 6pm

They are on sale for only
$32 smackroos
So if you like them click on that link above and go get ya a pair
They also come with a beige or black. But I am diggin' the zebra print and gray pattern.

OH MY......these too for good measure.
Jimmy Choos
( I tried to copy the picture it won't let me)
(so click the link to see these simple black, flat flowered beauties)

I have always wanted atleast one pair each of brands like this.
The untainable for a shoe lover as I.
Maybe one day.
But even on sale for less than $500
I just can not do it. I did see a website called
That has a bunch of good deals for under $200
So that helps knowing that one day my goal could be reached.
If ebay would quit letting people sell just ONE shoe I could not get my hopes up and then crushed when stumbling upon an amazing deal on ebay....
and seeing it is for one shoe.
I love shoes
I am not a shoe store
I don't need  a darn display section of my closet with one shoe out.
Who knows for now though, the most I have ever paid for shoes remains those Betsy Johnson brown boots at $80 bucks
from almost $300

Okay so that is my Wishful Wednesdays, yes a very short yet materialistic one.
We all have this side