Sunday, September 7

Going in Gently...

To start off with I will stay with simple and sweet. I know my mind is like a vortex of craziness at times and even I get scared trying to go in there. If anyone wants to post comments and give advice on blogs I do post then awesome. If not...oh well. I love to write and make up little songs. I wish I knew how to make a layout that was more me. But that will come later I guess. I am still in shock from yesterday. I have been in Europe now for almost 4 months. I was floating down the Mosel(sp?) River in Germany yesterday. The wine country...and it hit me. I AM FLOATING DOWN THE RIVER IN GERMANY. I can not belive I really get to see all these things, hear all these diffrent launages, see these diffrent cultures for the next 4 years. I am going to make the best of it, and roll with any punches that come my way. I have to admit 2008 has been a year with nothing bad. YES I SAID IT NOTHING BAD...that has not happened for me since....well before I was even in High School. I am not even sure when I stopped waiting for the other shoe to drop. I just have accepted the lucky break and will appreicate every second it stays that way. I have had sad moments this year with my loved ones problems. I just am that way...a friend cries, I start to cry to. They have a problem and I want to help them. But nothing bad in MY life.


So anyways just wanted to post a quick entry to show I will be using this to put thoughts on record. This is even more permentent than a journal, atleast that can be burned. Once you put something on the stays there forever, till the smart ones come along and find it even after you deleted it.